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[Sam Gayton] ô The Last Zoo [fables PDF] Read Online í Pia Lives In A Zoo In The Middle Of The Pacific Ocean With Her Parents Both Ghosts , Several Old And Cranky Genies, A Devil, And Two Young Angels She Spends Her Days Trimming Genie Beards, Trying To Avoid Being Tricked Into Selling Her Soul, And Waiting For The Angels To Make A Miracle Big Enough To Save The WorldThen The Angels Go Missing Can She Solve The Riddles Of The Mysterious Haloes The Angels Have Left Behind Is The Zoo S Devil Really Trying To Help Her And What Does This All Have To Do With Her Best Friends, The Rekkers Pia Needs To Solve The Mystery Fast, Because Everything Around Her Seems To Be Ending Her Friendships, Her Childhood, And Maybe Even The World Itself

I love this It reminds me of a less abstract Death and Ice Cream While there is a heavy handed moral, it s so well done and realistic that I actually don t mind, and I appreciate the fantastical story as a less instructional way of leading you there.
The story itself is wonderful Frankly I m a little sad we didn t get time with the bulk of the ark, the Seam, and especially the Seamstress, but it still works As it is, it would make a great story for children or adults, which I think is what good children s literature should do, and certainly at the beginning it s completely out there enough to be a very enjoyable read Although I saw the actual twist coming halfway through the book, the story itself had enough going on that I didn t know what would happen next all the way through There was a lot of imagination in this book appropriately enough, for a world that relied on it but very little was fuzzy Each creature was well thought out, each character clear and distinct, each quirk and happening new and exciting and unpredictable There were also some very funny references clearly snuck in for the adult reader It was a thoroughly enjoyable, compulsive read and I m very glad I picked it up from the library on a whim, having no idea what I was in for 4.
8 stars, just because the ending seemed a little Weak Disappointing I liked the ending itself, but for some reason after the glittering brilliance of the rest of the book the last part seemed slightly lacklustre.