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[Pamela Samuels Young] ñ Every Reasonable Doubt (Sepia) [finnish-literature PDF] Read Online ñ Great Legal MysteryMy first thought upon finishing this novel was how annoyed I was that I d never heard of this series before It had been a while since I d read a really good mystery starring a lawyer and this hit a lot of sweet spots for me court room scenes twisty case good balance of personal life with work scenes great friendship.
Vernetta Henderson is about to get her first criminal case, which would be exciting for her if it weren t for the fact she s paired up with a lawyer she can t stand Neddy McClain It also doesn t help that Vernetta s husband has decided it is now time to start having kids, and he s super insistent even though Vernetta keeps saying now isn t the right time because of her career And then there s the issue that Vernetta is certain her new client did kill her husband.
If you re a fan of procedurals and legal mysteries this was a great start to a series and there are four books in the series from Book Riot s Unusual Suspects newsletter Wow I haven d read a good legal thriller since the Client, and this was everything It was fast paced, always kept my interest and it wasn t so bogged down with legal jargon that it was hard to follow Vernetta was funny, witty, and strong and I enjoyed her POV Her husband, Jefferson reminded me so much of the men, including my husband, that I have met in my life With there views on adoption and the whole machismo that poured out their mouths with every line spoken It wasn t too much and it was easy to see that yes he was a man, and had male ideas about what a wife was to do for him, but you can also see the weak parts in himself that he could only show his wife I loved that He was a such a realist character I don t think that he was whiny at all Special, her home girl, was another character friend that I felt every women has That one friend that always says whats on her mind, even when you don t want to hear it, but have to hear it anyway Vernetta s working relationships with both David and Neddy, especially Neddy, was something to admire Being the only two African American Women at this law firm, at first you do feel like you have to be enemies which I think it stupid, and brings up that whole thing about crabs in a barrel, but no one seems to understand, that a barrel isn t the crabs natural habitat but whatever then being placed on this case made them put all that crap to the side and a great friendship bloomed But all in all, enjoyed this book It was thrilling, but it wasn t as thrilling as I thought it might be But since this wasn t from a POV of a PI or police officer, I can see why it wasn t THAT thrilling The conversations were realistic and flowed very well The characters were easy to see and I def will be reading the rest of this series.
I really enjoyed this book The story really flowed well I enjoyed the behind the scene glimpse of how defense attorneys prepare a case from beginning to end Especially, when their not sure of their clients innocence I enjoyed how the pieces of the case unfolded, as if the reader was experiencing it along with the attorneys in the book This is my second book in the Vernetta Henderson series I read the eighth book first and liked it so much, I had to read the rest of the books from the beginning Pamela Samuels Young is now on my list of favorite authors I love the way the stories in her books flow The dialogue is so realistic.
I loved the relationship between Vernetta and her husband who owns his own electrician business But, sometimes her white collar world clashes with his blue collar The strain on their marriage from her long hours working a case, was very realistic Her husband was hilarious too Although, he was definitely hood, the as author did a good job letting his intelligence come through He was able to hold his own with his wife s coworkers He knew his worth and wasn t intimidated by snobbish attorney from her firm Very good read I m now reading the second book in the series, In Firm Pursuit.
I rarely give five stars but this was an excellent read A mix of suspense, drama and crime I loved it Def gonna jump into this series.
This book definitely suffered from having too many plot lines I would love to have read about the investigation of the murder rather than being distracted by Vernetta s problems with her husband The story line involving Neddy s husband hovered around the edges of the murder investigation and that plot line wasn t resolved to my satisfaction at the end of the book I might have given another star if Vernetta s husband hadn t been so whiny, and if her best friend, Special, hadn t been so obnoxious.

Max Montgomery is a serial cheater and one night someone decides to take him out of his misery His wife Tina, is the number one suspect and hires a prestigious law firm to defend her Vernetta Henderson just won the biggest case of her career alongside someone she really didn t care for , only to be placed on another huge case alongside someone else she doesn t care for She should be extremely happy, but there s only her problem her husband Jefferson wants her to slow down and start a family There are so many twists and turns in this read by authorpsy If you like legal thrillers, then I highly recommend this one for you.
Author Pamela Samuels Young s biography says that she was a lawyer for a large law firm and then an in house employment lawyer for a major corporation As an author, she s a very good story teller who unfortunately gets most of the legal issues wrong This is disappointing for me as a lawyer and an employment lawyer It s bad when non lawyers get the legal points wrong, but when lawyers who should know better get them wrong, it s very frustrating Telling a good story sometimes requires condensing things that happen over long periods into a shorter time frame and sometimes glossing over legal nuances and procedural details, but Ms Young discusses the nuances and details and gets them wrong Even the basic premise and law firm situations are just not close to reality Lawyers should be warned in advance about reading this book.
I picked up this book on a discount sale based on the blurb, which seemed intriguing To give Ms Young her due, she sets up an interesting story here with good characters and draws you into the mystery and the suspense of whether the young black attorney heroine will be able to get her client an acquittal in her trial, where she is accuse of brutally murdering her husband The story digresses into a sappy emotional drama about Vernetta the hero and her husband s marital problems caused by her long work hours , which becomes a distraction to the main story rather than an interesting peek into the lead character s life and back story There are other side characters who have two dimensional existences and who add plot points but few emotional hits.
The story itself starts off implausible and gets both implausible and predictable as it goes along The big surprise reveal at the end is not a surprise and lacks much suspense I had a hard time from the beginning accepting that a young employment lawyer who just joined a new firm being would handle a major LA murder case with no criminal experience The author lost me totally when she had the prosecutor delivering her closing argument first in the trial that is wrong, wrong, wrong so that her hero could deliver the big closing for the defense at the end of the trial The prosecution always closes last, because the state has the burden of proof Some of the courtroom sequences here were pretty good, but mostly the author sacrifices reality in order to tell her story in a exciting way, which may work for non lawyer readers, but for me I just kept track of all the legal errors, which numbered in the several dozens by the end.
The story got me and drew me in but by the end I was just waiting for it to be over so I could find something better to read Very disappointing.
Another great book by Pamela Samuels Young After winning a big profiled case, Vernetta wants nothing then to spend time with her husband Jefferson But when a Max Montgomery is found dead in a hotel room and his wife becomes prime suspect, Vernetta is once again being launched into a high profile case only this time she has to work with Neddy, the only other African American woman at her law firm and a pain in Vernetta s ass Vernetta hasn t a clue what to do in criminal court, but if she wants to make partner at her law firm, she ll do any and everything to achieve it But the case began to take a turn when Vernetta suspects her client just might be guilty Vernetta fights an inner battle with doing the right thing or doing her job and what s even worse, the job is causing a separation between Vernetta and her husband who is tired of their marriage coming second to her job As the stakes build up, trust issues are threatened, relationships are ruined, and another murder occurs with the suspect being someone very close to Vernetta Can Vernetta win the case and keep her marriage in tact, or will she lose both I liked Vernetta character She was a go getter who didn t take anyone s crap including her boss And though, at first I did like her husband Jefferson, I began to find him very pushy when it came to wanting to start a family and even worse I hated how he treated Vernetta when the real problem arose The case and the killer was predictable, but this was an enjoyable prediction There were parts of the story that caused me to smile and some to frown Pamela Samuels Young took one could have been a boring crime mystery and made it into something every woman and even men could relate to.
I m on a quest to read books by diverse authors this year because authors of color are underrepresented in my reading history Got to even things up a bit.
This mystery by Pamela Samuels Young was a lot of fun It s a courtroom drama following the trial of the main suspect from prep to verdict The main character was well developed She was smart, fiery and strong Her weakness is her blindspot for how her actions affect others She just isn t a particularly empathetic person Over the course of the book you see her grow as a person and as an attorney, which is nice I was pleased that there were a few surprises in there and that not everything is resolved by the end That would have been too neat and a bit corny so I m glad that was avoided The important parts were wrapped up though so the mystery was satisfying Honestly, there were some things in the book that were weak A few bits of evidence either weren t explained or discussed until the end or were resolved in unsatisfying ways It seemed to me that there were some obvious additional bits evidence that could have contributed to the suspect s defense by creating reasonable doubt that were never brought up at trial I felt that there were too many times when the book had me asking questions that it should have resolved for me.
Some of the social dialogue was a bit weak, but the dialogue overall was solid Having worked in a big firm for the last 4 years I can assure that this is exactly how partners talk, act and think smh There were a couple of editorial errors primarily in the form of missing quotation marks to open a quote and one or two missing words in the book Something for future editors to note.
Overall, the book moved along at a nice pace and always left me wanting to know what happened next It s a hard book to put down Definitely recommend it if you like lawyerly procedurals Plan to read Vernetta Henderson books in the future Recommended.
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