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[ Read Online The Heat of the Moment ☆ the-gambia PDF ] by Sabrina Cohen-Hatton ✓ AS SEEN ON BBC BREAKFAST One Of The Wonder Women Of Our Emergency Services Glamour Does For The Fire Service What Adam Kay S This Is Going To Hurt Did For The NHS A Humbling, Jaw Dropping read Which Redefines What Is Possible VivGroskopIn The Face Of Urgency And Uncertainty, Would You Respond Analytically Or Trust Your Instincts How Would You Decide Who Lives And Who Dies Dr Sabrina Cohen Hatton Has Been A Firefighter For Eighteen Years She Decides Which Of Her Colleagues Rush Into A Burning Building And How They Confront The Blaze She Makes The Call To Evacuate If She Believes The Options Have Been Exhausted Or That The Situation Has Escalated Beyond Hope This Is Her Astonishing Account Of A Profession Defined By The Most Difficult Decisions ImaginableTaking Us To The Very Heart Of Firefighting, Sabrina Uses Her Award Winning Research To Reveal The Skills That Are Essential To Surviving And Even Thriving In Such A Fast Paced And Emotionally Charged Environment And She Immerses Us In This Extraordinary World From Scenes Of Devastation And Crisis, Through Triumphs Of Bravery, To The Quieter Moments When She Questions Herself And The Decisions Made In The Most Unforgiving CircumstancesHere Is The Truth About How We Respond In Our Most Extreme Moments Gripping, Heart Stopping And Profoundly Reassuring Sue Black, Author Of All That Remains Excellent, non stuffy insight into the author s research and findings about decision making in the UK fire service Autobiographical moments and real life case studies lighten what could potentially have been a rather dry, academic read More than anything, this book brings home just how courageously and selflessly firefighters endeavour to save lives every day in extremely dangerous and stressful situations.
What an incredible book As a person looking to join the UK Fire and Rescue Service, this provided an invaluable insight and information about my dream job and motivated to join the FRS Written so fluently with easy language, it still held all the relevant depth and details within each chapter.
Humbling too, reminding all of us that the emergency services aren t superheroes and that we are all human but some go to extraordinary measures to help others, especially behind the scenes of a scenario.
Thank you Sabrina Cohen Hatton, amazing read Just finished reading this having borrowed it from the library on a recommendation What an incredible book, so good I immediately purchased a copy myself so I can refer back to it Both a fascinating insight into human behaviours and behind the scenes of firefighting Proud to have been involved in Exercise Unified Response too I can not recommend this highly enough Though technical at times the writing style makes it so easy to understand and I could not put it down.
A fantastic and touching personal story looking at one woman s journey in the fire service and how she began a new area of research in decision making and how this has changed the way the emergency services work and as a result saved lives It is a honest and touching story, inspiring in its strength and determination to make the world a better place.
An important read As a serving firefighter this book is extremely relevant and thought provoking It s a superb read, I was engrossed from start to finish Sabrina s achievements are outstanding and her honesty is refreshing throughout She s an inspiration to us all If you are browsing the reviews you should definitely read this book as it s captured your attention already Enjoy.
I was hoping for a personal memoir and less of the technical research but then I m not in a related profession, of a general reader looking for the human aspects of being a firefighter and achieving so much from such a difficult childhood.
Fantastic insight into emotional response that can be understood by all leaders having to make rapid decisions Useful tools to ensure decisions are right and understood making sure the jigsaw that unfolds in any incident is clearly understood.
A thought provoking and eye opening book that examines the human condition when under the pressure of life and death decisions As an instructor of human factors in aviation I found it compelling How can we train ourselves to make calm and rational choices while wrestling with the adrenaline fuelled, emotive sides of our nature Fortunately, in the world of aviation emergency scenarios are not an everyday occurrence but the case studies in the book reveal the agonising decisions that those in frontline emergency roles grapple with everyday A hugely valuable book.
Loved it from the first page What an inspirational and fascinating woman