Trailer ☆ The Rich One (Persephones Awakening, #1) PDF by ✓ Delcesca Newby

Trailer ☆ The Rich One (Persephones Awakening, #1) PDF by ✓ Delcesca Newby All Myths Skew The Truth From The Age Of Five, Hades Was Imprisoned And Tortured At The Hands Of His Father, The Titan King Every Night He D Dream Of Freedom And The Chance To Seek His Revenge When Zeus Saved Him And Their Four Siblings And Declared War On The Titans, Hades Thought His Father S Days Were Numbered Ten Years Later, Hades Fears Cronus Won T Face The Consequences For His Vile Nature The Gods Are Struggling To Maintain Their Early Momentum Lately, They Lose Battles Than They Win Morale Is Low, And Many Of Their Allies Have Abandoned Them For The Opposite Side The Fates Propose A Way For The Gods To Topple The Titans Once And For All, And Though Apprehensive, Hades Embraces The Opportunity His Rash Decision Takes Him To The Underworld To Join Forces With Kore, The Daemon Queen Kore Despises Cronus As Much As The Gods She Wants Nothing Than To Watch Him Suffer, And For The Gods To Reign In A New Era For Ten Years, She S Offered Her Assistance, And Each Time She S Been Turned Away Finally, Zeus Pushes Kore Too Far, And She Vows To Leave The Gods To Their Inevitable Demise Her Conviction Doesn T Last Long When Hades Appears, Begging For Her Help Against Her Council Wishes And Her Own Good Sense, Kore Agrees To Lead Hades Through Her Home, Tartarus, To Search For The Hecatoncheires The Gods Only Hope To Destroy Cronus Their Journey Pushes Them To Their Limits, In Both Body And Mind Along The Way, Their Hearts Get Tangled In The Mix A Dangerous Dilemma Than Defeating The Titans For If They Survive, To Remain Together, They May Have To Battle Both The Underworld And Upperworld I ve yet to read a story about Hades that shows him before he got with Persephone and before he became King of the Underworld I can gather the second installment will center around the better known myth, but this story stands on its own without the future promise I do wish there was time spent in Tartarus and at the end battle That felt a little rushed, but it satisfied in the end I really like the relationship between Hades and Kore I m glad it s not over the top, but still sweet It has a few hiccups, yet overall I really liked this story If you love re imaginings of Greek myths, I think you ll really like this.