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[ Read Online Road Tripped ☆ kinshasa PDF ] by Pete Hautman ☆ Steven Gerald Gabel Aka Stiggy Needs To Get Out Of Minnesota His Father Recently Took His Own Life, His Mother Is A Shell Of The Person She Used To Be, And His Sort Of Girlfriend Ghosted Him And Skipped Town What Does He Have Left To Stick Around For Armed With His Mom S Credit Card And A Tourist Map Of Great River Road, Stiggy Sets Off In His Dad S CarThe Only Problem Is, Life On His Own Isn T Exactly What He Expected And, Soon Enough, He Finds Himself At A Crossroads Keep Running From His Demons, Or Let Them Hitch A Ride Back Home With Him Just another generic, boring, coming of age story for another angsty, middle class white boy who gets mad when his goth girlfriend dumps him The ending was diasatisfying Reading this book was like eating unseasoned meat.
This is a story of a teenage boy on a road trip through Minnesota The trip comes about after his father s suicide and after his girlfriend has dumped him I didn t find anything insightful in this book The main character was unlikable and I wasn t even routing for him to change The road trip had no destination, no motive he just drove around aimlessly As for plot, nothing did happen in this story For a half the book we were along for a frankly boring road trip, and for another half flashbacks to what lead him going on this trip in the first place I give this book two stars because I did finish it, and the ending was well deserved.

Roadtripped by Pete Hautman is about a crazy kid named Stiggy He doesn t have the best life but decides to take a crazy trip to find his ex girlfriend She decided to ghost him and moving so he wants to figure out why This story takes a ton of turns where you meet a crazy amount of characters Each one crazier than the next This wasn t one of my favorites but it wasn t the worst.
Adventurous little road trip full of figuring out life Great YA Read