✓ The Enchanted Ú Download by ↠´ Charlotte Bingham

✓ The Enchanted Ú Download by ↠´ Charlotte Bingham I was a bit disappointed with this book I thought it would be after the style of the Mitford sisiters.
The story for most of the book is a very slow and rather uninteresting love story based on relationship between hero heoine and a horse In the beginning were slightly surreal overtones and if this had been developed a little I think it would have added interest.
However the finale gallopped along at a gripping pace and saved the book from oblivion.
When Kathleen Finds A Mare In Foal, Despite The Fact That She And Her Father Can Barely Afford To Feed Her, They Take Her In Tragically The Mare Dies, Leaving An Orphan That They Name The Enchanted As The Young Horse Grows Up Among Ireland S Lush Pastures, Kathleen Loses Her Heart To HimBut As Kathleen Has Always Feared The Enchanted Must Be Sold Rory James And His Father Take A Chance On The Little Horse In The Hope Of Improving The Fortune Of Their Run Down Racing Yard But Luck Does Not Run Rory S Way When The Enchanted Mysteriously Sickens It Seems That Only Kathleen Can Help And It Is Only Under Her Care That The Enchanted Is Able To Live Up To His Name And Astonishing Things Start To Happen To All Those Around Him A fantastic book that every horse or horse racing fan should read.
I don t know if you would like this if you don t like horsesbut since I still do It s about a little race horse in Ireland and how he draws people together.
I had trouble getting into the story The first 5 chapters kept introducing new characters who s stories did not seem to go together It was hard wanting to care about the characters when you couldn t see a connection between them Once the connections were made, it was a great story I found myself cheering for the little horse that no one thought could do anything in the racing world.
EnjoyableOne pick though, the characters repeating themselves became a bit tiresome and like the repetitions were just to add extra words Simple light reading but still enjoyable

Absolutely brilliant Really enjoyed this book Not read one of Charlotte Bingham s for a while but I will now be catching up on the ones I haved missed Loved this horsey theme and enchantingly happy ending A feel good read not terribly complicated but very enjoyable.