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ï The Hold Out (Brewer Brothers, #2) ï Download by ↠´ Mickey Miller BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN THERE IS A GREAT WOMAN FIERY PASSIONATE ROMANCEDISCLOSURE My review is on a pre published E copy via the author done strictly on a volunteer basis The Hold Out is a page turner molten hot emotional roller coaster laugh out loud read This story left me beaming at the heavenly happy forever Everett and Emma s first meet has them in a heated argument of opinions Both feel they will never meet again, but fiery desires linger in the air Everett lost a year playing football due to a haunting nightmarish secret He is ready to play again, but the owners of the team believe he his concealing something from them Quite by accident Emma lands the job as Everett s PA Both harbor distressing secrets Everett s pompous attitude riles Emma s patience To achieve their happy forever, Everett must trust in a love he never realized he needed Unforgettable captivating creative well written read Admirable characters spring to life with quick witted banter and breathtaking scene descriptions Emma is a worthy caring gutsy heroine who brings out the best in Everett Everett becomes a worthy hero I felt every beat of this story and loved it too The author did a fantastic job with this entertaining storyline.
Secrets and Lies.
This is not your ordinary sports romance Everett Brewer has many layers to him He is a brother to 5 siblings, a football superstar and for all outward appearances he is an ill tempered, irritable man Everett is sexy, good looking, rich and can have anything or anyone he wants So what is his problem He has been harboring a secret for years and it has taken a toll on him and it has finally come to a head The last thing he needs in his life right now is a P.
A that has been assigned to him to help him with his workload.
Emma is a kind hearted woman that has a lot to deal with She helps her single mom sister financially and by taking care of her niece when she can She takes on a new position offered to her by the owners of a NFL football team to be a P.
A to one of their star players The terms of the contract are a bit out of her comfort zone, but she needs the money, and boy is it a lot of money It is too good to pass up Everett and Emma stumble through their business relationship, but it becomes clear it s than just business They both have secrets that put their relationship to the test The question is can they both rise above all their personal conflicts to find each other at the end of it all.
From Bestselling Author Mickey Miller, Comes A Football Romance About Secrets, Love, And Redemption Impatient Demanding Sexy BossyI Hate My New BossHe S Everett Brewer Football S Smoking Hot, Superstar Running BackWhen I Signed On To Be The NFL Superstar S In Home Personal Assistant, I Had No Idea What I Was In For Every One Of His Previous Personal Assistants Quit After One Week, Max After Meeting Him Just Once, I See Why He S Brooding Impatient Demanding And Add In A Little Too Sexy For His Own GoodHis Standards Are Ridiculously High But I Really Need This Job We Re At Odds, But He Doesn T Know I M Halfway To Finding Out His Secret, Thanks To A Note He Scribbled On A Napkin That I FoundCould The Man Who Hits Harder Than Anyone Else Actually Have A Soft Spot I Thought He Would Never Drop His Icy Exterior And Reveal His Hot InteriorEven Superstars Have A Girl They Change ForTurns Out I M That GirlOnly Problem Is, I M Hiding A Secret, Too And It S One He Might Not Forgive Me For But Falling In Love Is Never Easy Especially With A Man As Complex As Everett Brewer Everett and Emma s chemistry is amazing Everett has been a angry, brooding and complicated man for the past few years because of a secret that he is keeping and not talking to anyone about it After taking a year off of football the league is concerned at what he is doing in his life.
Emma has a degree but is working at a hot dog stand so that she can be available to help her sister out with babysitting her child since her she has no one else to help her Emma and Everett s first meeting is when he comes to the hot dog stand for food and the get into a heated discussion regarding tips that her co worker videos and later posts online which in turn kind of makes Emma famous She then gets hired by the owners of the Grizzlies to be the PA to Everett but to also spy on him and report back She took the job with no intention of reporting back incriminating information to the owners, she also needed the money to help out her sister, and she was curious who this mysterious women Samamtha was that Everett left a handwritten love note to Neither one expected to have feelings for each other and the shocker was finding out who Samantha really was Mickey did another awesome job writing this book I can t wait for Jocko s book next I loved this book Emma is a spitfire from the get go, she s beautiful, smart, and kind to a fault until she runs into Everett Brewer Their first interaction was not what I would call stellar, but she gave it to him good, so good their confrontation went viral on Twitter Everett is a brooding man, angry, and full of secrets, some that he s kept to himself and struggling with the outcome These two are like oil and water and when she walks into his house as his new PA he couldn t believe it, she may have changed her hair but she was the same girl from the hot dog stand that he hasn t been able to stop thinking about Little does he know she s been hired to keep an eye on him They both have secrets and slowly they are coming to light and the guilt she feels along with the closeness they share, how much longer can she lie to him before he finds out the truth I loved the banter, they are deliciously sexy, steamy with a little drama rolled in there I received an advance copy of this book.
The Hold Out by Mickey Miller is so much than just another enemies to lovers sports romance It s complex, and not without layers An addicting read infused with chemistry, emotion, humor, heat, and twists you won t see coming I loved the quiet brokenness and layered quality to Everett s character, as equally as I loved Emma s depth and heart I simply cannot believe this was my first Mickey Miller read I loved the writing style and plot development, as well as the connection I felt with the characters The back and forth witty banter between the main characters was utter perfection This combined with their palpable chemistry and panty dropping hotness, made for an absolutely addicting read Page after page, I fell harder and in love with this book Just when I thought I couldn t possibly enjoy it , Everett and Emma proved that I absolutely could Get ready for a thrilling and sexy story, riddled with undeniable tension and heat, jaw dropping twists, and laugh out loud humor Readers will absolutely fall in love with Mickey Miller s The Hold Out all the stars, and all the feels One click today xo Enemies to lovers sports romance is the basic premise, but there are so many layers that make this an amazing story Everett and Emma s first meeting sets the tone for their future interactions She calls him out on refusing to tip and ends up creating a social media storm when the clip of her rant goes viral His accusations cause her to change her career path as as fate would have it, she ends up working as his personal assistant Their chemistry builds, however there are major trust issues as Everett is hiding a secret that could destroy his NFL career if the information lands in the wrong hands Emma is hiding her own secret, and once these two get a lot closer that what is acceptable for boss and employee, things definitely get messy and complicated I think Everett had a lot of layers and struggled to show his emotions Emma really showcased his softer side once he let her break through his walls Side note, I already love Jocko and can t wait to get to see him denounce his bachelor ways I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC and this is my honest review.

Everett and Emma are at odds right from the start, as Everett gets under Emma s skin with both his attitude about her less than glamorous job as well as his attractive physique Then Emma is offered the opportunity to be closer to Everett Brewer than she ever dreamed possible, as his PA Although this position requires Emma to do some things that are against her moral code, she eventually has to succumb and accepts the job, though she is determined not to give her boss any valuable information Everett is just as determined not to let Emma into his life any than is necessary, even though he is as attracted to her as she us to him He is trying desperately to keep anyone from finding out his secret, as well as lead his football team to the championship.
This a great story and a must read for any Mickey Miller fan, especially if you ve read the story of Everett s brother Maddox but this book can be read without having read the first in the series I m especially looking forward to Jocko s story in the next book.
Secrets have a way of ruining lives.
Everett Brewer s been living with a secret for than a decade that affects his personal and professional life He s seen as mean and brooding both on and off the field and even took a year off to try to get his head back on straight while dealing with his anger and depression.
Emma Foster just needs a job Out of college and helping to care for her recently widowed pregnant sister and niece, when the opportunity of a lifetime with the paycheck to match drops in her lap, it s hard to say no She s not comfortable spying on her boss, but she doesn t really have to report anything back to the team owners, right It s no big deal until things get heated between them.
The closer they get, the they both realize they need to share their secrets When Emmett reveals his, Emma knows she holds the key to his career in her hands, not that she would ever tell anyone But, when the truth about her secret comes out, can Everett ever see past why she took the job, or will their budding romance be done just like his career might be when the team believes he s involved in a scandal that s far from the real secret he holds The Hold Out was serious than other Mickey Miller books, and I really enjoyed this change Both Everett and Emma have big in depth back stories which really gives insight into their personalities and actions While it is hot and spicy, there is lots of drama and angst for these characters both as individuals and as a couple as well Their struggles made their story and romance what it was 4 stars Everett Brewer may be the star running back on the Chicago Grizzlies football team, but the owners have some concerns They take matters into their own hands by hiring a personal assistant for Everett i.
e to keep an eye on him , one employed by the Grizzlies and one that Everett won t have authority to terminate, since Everett has gone through previous PA s like tissues Imagine his surprise when, who shows up at his house but the sassy hotdog vendor who gave him a piece of her mind and put him in his place.
I loved Emma and Everett and was cheering for them from beginning to end both their banter and their chemistry are delightfully appealing Emma is strong and competent, and she doesn t back down for anyone, including a hotshot football player And Everett, bless his heart, he may be grouchy with a bark worse than his bite, but he s just been waiting for a girl like Emma, without even realizing it.
Miller s work is always great fun to read, and each book seems to be better than the last, so I eagerly immersed myself in Everett and Emma s world You ll find an engaging storyline, perfectly imperfect and innately loveable characters, just the right amounts of humor and heart, and a heat level that will make you blush If you re looking for a book that will tug at your heart, tickle your funny bone and have you asking, Is it warm in here look no farther I read a pre published version of this book freely and voluntarily, having made no commitment to provide feedback and receiving no compensation of any kind from any source.