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[Tamora Pierce] Ý The Song of the Lioness Quartet [coding PDF] Read Online µ The Barnes Noble ReviewFans Of Tamora Pierce S Stellar Saga About Alanna Of Trebond Can Now Get All Four books One Boxed Set Packaged Together For The First Time, The Song of the Lioness Quartet Is The Adventurous Story Of One Girl S Journey To Overcome The Obstacles Facing Her, Become A Valiant Knight, And Save Tortall From Conquest Alanna Douses Her Female Identity To Begin Her Training In Alanna The First Adventure, And When She Gains Squire Status In In The Hand Of The Goddess, Her Growing Abilities Make Her A Few Friends And Many Enemies books And Complete Alanna S Adventure And Secure Her Legend, With The New Knight Errant Taking On Desert Tribesmen In The Woman Who Rides Like A Man And Seeking Out The Powerful Dominion Jewel In Lioness RampantA Must read For Pierce S Loyal Followers And A Perfect Starting Point For Readers Not Yet Familiar With Her Work, This Boxed Set Is Fantasy Writing At Its Best Pierce S Gifted Writing And Her Knack For Creating Heroines Unafraid To Challenge The Status Quo Shines Brightly In This Lioness Set, Taking It To The Highest Ranks, Just Like Alanna Herself Shana Taylor Enjoying Song of the Lioness for ten years and counting Tamora Pierce was recommended to my sister She devoured all of Ms Pierce s books and I, as a dutiful younger sister, quickly followed suit.
I love Pierce s characters, especially those in The Song of the Lioness series Every year I reread the series, and even after a decade, I love the books as much as I ever did.
I want to spend my special reading time with the characters of The Song of the Lioness Quartet I want to talk to them after reading a particularly bad book or when I m in a reading slump Yes, I realize they re characters in a story, but the magic lies in the fact that they feel so real to me.
The series starts with Alanna The First Adventure Alanna, a plucky young ten year old, and her twin brother are unhappy with their lot in life Alanna comes up with a plan they ll pretend that they re twin boys.
Alanna disguises herself as a first born son and heads to the palace in the capital city to train to be a knight Meanwhile, her brother goes undisguised to the cloisters to learn to be a mage.
Alanna The First Adventure is a story of a girl ready to fight for what she believes in It s a story about growing up and deciding who you want to be.
I love Alanna s courage and her enviable fortitude in the face of horrible situations She lets nothing stop her, even though she has to learn how to be a knight as well as learn how to be a boy.
While book one covers Alanna s years as a page, the sequel, In the Hand of the Goddess, covers the remaining years of her training The Woman Who Rides Like a Man and Lioness Rampant make up the rest of the series The friends and enemies Alanna makes on her journey are amazing, sly and utterly believable as people They have real quirks, real flaws The dialogue reads so easily it s like being in their company rather than reading them in words.
Reading these at age twelve was a completely different experience to reading them in my twenties now When I was twelve, I related to what happened to Alanna I didn t disguise myself as a boy, but I did go through puberty and first crushes and body image issues But, with her by my side, these issues were a little easier I looked up to Alanna She was who I wanted to be fearless, kind, hard working and she s a redhead Now, as an adult, I read the series for the great relationships and friendships I m drawn to the way Alanna behaves around others, protecting her secret as well as standing up for her friends I like the way that she turns down suitors in order to look after herself first, even though it hurts And of course I also like the love story.
I still look up to her, but for a whole new set of reasons.
This series is one for young girls or boys, for that matter entering their teens to read And for those who read it back then, I suggest reading it again You may be like me, and find new meaning in the story on the pages in front of you.
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One day, while working at my middle school library, I stumbled across the first of this series The fact that the girl boy on the cover had a purple glow around her fascinated me, so I picked it up, judged it by it s cover I was still doing that back then and started reading Then I picked up books 2 4 and took them all home the next day And zoomed through them I couldn t believe it this was the most amazing series I had ever read Knights, and disguises, and coming of age, and magic and romance, all in one It was a magical world for me to escape into And I think I m still stuck there, 7 years later These days, this is my least favorite series of the Tortall books Well, it sort of ties with Kel s series There is just something slightly boring about knights for me now I think I prefer magic and justice in the long run Go Beka Of the four books, The Woman Who Rides Like A Man was my favorite, and still is In the Hand of the Goodess is my second favorite I love reading Alanna First Adventure because of her disguise and all the tricks she pulls on that rude boy But the last book Yeah, don t like it too much Some how I had the same order with The Immortals quartet I reread these books from time to time, and probably will for the rest of my life I don t care that they are YA, they don t feel YA for me except that they are over too soon Pierce has a great writing style, that just gets refined with the years see Beka Cooper s series i enjoyed reading these, but found the main character very shallow in her some of her choices Tamora Pierce is haled not sure if i spelled this correctly as a feminist and a good author for young women to read But, if being a feminist means that you pick your partners in your teens and than one before considering marriage, i don t agree it was almost like that aspect was put in abstractly with no other purpose than to push the author s feminist views The first of these books are rated for 9 yrs and up my children will not be reading these for awhile.
All Alanna of Terbond wanted to be was a Knight Or so I thought.
1 Alanna 2 In the Hand of the Goddess 3 The Woman Who Rides Like a Man 4 Lioness Rampant I absolutely fell in love with the first book of the series After that, it slowly became a chore.
It is a good series Just not one for me.
Diese und weitere Rezensionen findet ihr auf meinem Blog Anima Libri Buchseele Rezensionsexemplar, zur Verf gung gestellt vom Verlag im Austausch f r eine ehrliche Rezension Dieses Buch ist echt ein verdammter W lzer Kein Wunder, wurden hier doch vier Stories in ein Buch gepackt Unter dem Titel Alanna Das Lied der L win vereint es zwischen seinen zwei Buchdeckeln alle vier B nde der in den 80ern unter dem Titel Alanna Die L win von Tortall erschienenen Serie von Tamora Pierce Die schwarze Stadt Im Bann der G ttin Das zerbrochene Schwert Das Juwel der MachtDementsprechend vielf ltig ist dieses Buch auch, denn es begleitet die junge Adlige Alanna von Kindheit an, vom dem Moment, in dem sie mit ihrem Zwilling Thom die Rollen tauscht, um als Alan von Trebond Ritter zu werden, bis hin zu den Abenteuern, die sie schlie lich als einziger weiblicher Ritter Tortalls erlebt Dabei hat mich die Autorin vor allem durch die konstante Entwicklung ihrer Charaktere berzeugt Die Handlung der B cher umfasst mehrere Jahre und schon oft ist mir aufgefallen, dass so mancher Autor Probleme damit hat, seine Charaktere ber solch einen langen Zeitraum konstant vielschichtig und realistisch zu halten.
Alanna allerdings ist von Anfang an ein in meinen Augen sehr berzeugender Charakter gewesen Sympathisch war sie mir nicht immer, zwischendurch hatte sie so ihre Momente, in denen ich sie am liebsten gegen die Wand geklatscht h tte, aber ich finde, irgendwie geh rt das dazu, gerade wenn man einen Charakter dabei begleitet, wie er vom Kind zum Erwachsenen wird Daf r war sie um so vielschichtiger und realistischer in ihren Aktionen und Emotionen und eben auch in ihren Reaktionen auf die Stolpersteine, die die Autorin ihr in dieser Geschichte immer wieder in den Weg gelegt hat Alanna ist kein weichgesp ltes Friede Freude Eierkuchen Buch, sondern eins, das auch die dunklen Seiten des Lebens, Selbstzweifel, Einsamkeit, Verlust, etc beleuchtet, wobei die Autorin diese Themen u erst gelungen in die Geschichte einflechtet und genau das richtige Ma gefunden hat, sodass die Geschichte eine gewisse Leichtigkeit verspr ht ohne dabei oberfl chlich zu werden.
Und auch die anderen Charaktere, denen Alanna auf ihrem Weg begegnet, hat mich schnell in ihren Bann gezogen Sie alle verf gen ber eine gewisse Vielschichtigkeit, manche mehr, manche weniger, abh ngig davon, wie gro ihre Rollen in der Geschichte sind, und alle haben sie auch ihre Schattenseiten, die sich Pierce auch nicht scheut zu beleuchten und den Leser an Alannas Seite ergr nden zu lassen Das alles gibt es Geschichte eine faszinierende Tiefe, die sich hervorragend mit der fesselnden Spannung verbindet, die die Autorin hier gekonnt immer wieder aufbaut auch wenn es durchaus die eine oder andere kleinere L nge gibt.
Das einzige, was mich an diesem Buch wirklich gest rt hat, waren die ganzen Fehler im Text Da fehlten W rter und Buchstaben oder sie waren an der falschen Stelle oder schlicht und ergreifend vertauscht Wenn man sich schon die M he macht, nach teils ber 25 Jahren die originale sind von 1983, 84, 86 und 88 und die ersten deutschen bersetzungen von 85 88 , eine neue bersetzung anzufertigen, dann kann man sich doch wenigstens auch die M he machen, diese vern nftig Korrektur lesen zu lassen, oder Vor allem, fallen diese Fehler teilweise gar nicht auf, kapitellang gibt es, au er vielleicht mal einem kleinen Buchstabendreher, gar keine Fehler, nur damit diese dann pl tzlich geh uft auftreten, sodass man sie gar nicht bersehen kann.
Alles in allem ist Alanna Das Lied der L win zwar ein etwas unhandliches Buch, aber daf r auch ein wahnsinnig vielschichtiges und fesselndes Hier findet man endlich einmal ein wirklich gutes YA High Fantasy Buch mit einer starken weiblichen Hauptfigur, das was wohl nicht zu letzt an seinem doch schon etwas l nger zur ckliegendem Entstehungszeitraum liegt so ganz anders ist, als all diese Modeerscheinungen , die man heutzutage so im Jugendbuchbereich findet Bis auf ein paar kleinere Ecken, die Lesefluss und Spannung unsch n unterbricht, ist dieses Buch einfach toll gewesen und es ist definitiv eine dicke Empfehlung wert The Song of the Lioness Quartet is the adventurous story of one girl s journey to overcome the obstacles facing her, become a valiant knight, and save Tortall from conquest Alanna douses her female identity to begin her training in Alanna The First Adventure, and when she gains squire status in In the Hand of the Goddess, her growing abilities make her a few friends and many enemies books 3 and 4 complete Alanna s adventure and secure her legend, with the new knight errant taking on desert tribesmen in The Woman Who Rides like a Man and seeking out the powerful Dominion Jewel in Lioness Rampant.
I was first introduced to Tamora Pierce s Tortall with The Immortals series when I was thirteen After devouring those books, I backtracked and read Alanna s story, already knowing how it ended That didn t make it any less marvelous, and I ve since re read all of the Tortall books many times Each time, I find something new to love, and each time, I particularly relate to a different main character In the past, Alanna was never a character I particularly related to, and I wouldn t have counted her series as my favourite This time, though, I was shocked by how emotional I got upon reaching the end of Lioness Rampant I was fully invested in these characters in Alanna, Jon, George, Thom, Thayet, Coram and the rest Of all the Tortall series, Alanna s is perhaps the most expansive We not only get to see Alanna grow from a child to a woman, and from a page to a knight, but Alanna also grows substantially emotionally Watching her relationships develop, whether they are friendships, romances, familial relationships, or enmities, shows a real breadth of human experience, right alongside an exciting tale of combat and sorcery We learn, alongside Alanna, that there is no need to choose between the two, that both can exist at the same time Regarding her romantic relationships, I think that Pierce promoted some genuinely realistic and healthy relationships There was emotional conflict within all of them, and frank discussions and ruminations on whether or not characters were willing to accept the negative elements of their partners alongside the positive Particularly groundbreaking for a young adult series, Pierce acknowledges that sometimes loving someone is not enough to keep a relationship going, and ending relationships can be natural, and though it is painful, you can move on Too many novels, for both youth and adults, romanticize the idea of true love, but maintaining relationships is hard work, and even if you love someone, that doesn t mean you want the same things out of life It s also worth noting that Alanna works hard for everything in her life, not just her romantic relationships Alanna s knight training teaches the lesson that you need to work to achieve your dreams, and that just because something doesn t come easily to you, doesn t mean it s not worth doing Alanna s skills as a swordsman are not innate, they were hard fought for and earned Of course, not everything about the series is perfect Although I enjoyed seeing the portrayal of different cultural groups when Alanna was with the Bazhir, that storyline did seem to invoke the trope of the white saviour Alanna is the catalyst for all sorts of revolutionary change among the Bazhir, and although she is the main character, the implications of having a white character as the instrument of social development among a non white group portrayed as savage than the white culture is somewhat problematic However, that doesn t stop me from recommending this series as a starting off point into the wonderful world of Tortall whenever I m asked for a middle school recommendation.
Alanna The First Adventure is the perfect book for the young teen girl Seeing as I m nearing my mid twenties no teen demographic, sigh , my opinion might be a bit harsher.
The story is fast paced, full of magic and knights, handsome men, thieves and animals The female protagonist, Alanna, is well, close to perfect chosen by the gods, magical, pretty, martially talented, smart, stubborn, loyal and kind The bad guy is easily predicted and the love interests also cornered down quickly I don t like overly perfect personalities, since they re a fraud, but in this story, I don t mind It s meant to be easily digestible and a fun read, which it is The end was weirdly rushed, and I thought it was a mistake when the novel ended Hmm, is this edition faulty But apparently, no.
This book is like a bag of candy, you know it won t really help your fat percentage intellect , but it s oh so nice to chew on for a while And psst, you just ignore the cavities breeding in your brain.
5 3 star rating Right now I m feeling thirteen again, I will be reading the next instalment Review of book two view spoiler Alanna s definitely a bit emotionally confused in this book Her whole oblivious thingy nearly drove me crazy, both with the enemy and with love Well, I ll forgive her, she s full of hormones, is what she is.
Pretty much went at the same pace as the former instalment, though the years pass by so fast Whoa A 2.
5 3 star rating hide spoiler This four in one volume book contains Tamora Pierce s books featuring Alanna of Torbald, a girl who dreams of becoming a knight She sets out at a young age to meet her destiny, disguising herself as a boy in order to learn how to live the life she knows she is meant to live, and eventually lives proudly and confidently as a lady knight.
Alanna s story is fast moving, exciting, and well told One reason I don t like to read many books in a series format is that there are always pages or even chapters needed to re tell in subsequent books what happened in earlier ones But here Ms Pierce manages to weave necessary information into the stories without creating that Time Out While We Flashback feeling that can be so annoying I think Alanna is a good example of a role model for girls who need to be able to believe in themselves, even when they know they are different from everyone around them It is not always easy to live your own life, follow your own guiding star The temptation to follow the herd, to be a sheep, is strong But it is infinitely rewarding to discover our own inner Lioness, to become who we are meant to be This is what Alanna learned I hope all young women can learn the same thing.
I m sure I sound like so many other reviewers of this series but these books changed my life Tamora Pierce is the reason I started reading fantasy, and probably the reason I read so much now Twelve year old me just loved the idea that girls can be whatever they want to be and don t have to let men dictate how to behave Thinking now it s probably when feminist me was born as well Reading this as an adult is very different I can clearly see now that this was written for younger teens and it shows To be honest I think the reason I still love it now is only because I read it in my peak formative years, and the characters are so deeply embedded in my soul Rereading this was like meeting old friends again after a long time Alanna, George, Jonathan, Raoul, Gary and Myles to name a few Every time someone came in I was getting so emotional I don t know that adult readers who have never read it before would enjoy it, it s a little choppy and the characterisation isn t amazing But it s definitely an amazing series for 10 14 year olds who are just starting on their reading journeys Love love love