[Rita Herron] ¶ Platinum Cowboy [hierarchy PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ï formresponse.co.uk

[Rita Herron] ¶ Platinum Cowboy [hierarchy PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ï Platinum Cowboy

Eccchhh You know how you are wanting some candy and all they have on the shelf are like, junior mints, and you know you don t like junior mints, but they re better than nothing, so you eat them, and then you wish you hadn t It s like that Apologies to those ppl who like junior mints.
A True Diamond In The Rough, Self Made Man Flint McKade Was One Of The Wealthiest Men In The World And One Of The Hottest Bachelors In Texas So When His Beloved Diamondback Ranch Was Sabotaged, Flint Had A Long List Of Suspects To Choose From His New Veterinarian, Lora Leigh Whittaker, Seemed To Have An Agenda, But He Couldn T Imagine The Gorgeous Blonde Was Out To Get Him Then She Was Attacked, And Flint Appointed Himself Her Personal Bodyguard Standing Beside Her Day And Night, The Chemistry That Had Been There From Day One Became Unbearable As A Billionaire He Was Used To Getting What He Wanted And He Wanted Her Safe, In His Armsand In His Bed