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[Michelle Reid] ↠´ The Salvatore marriage [gamebooks PDF] Read Online å Sometime writers in HP land are so clueless on human emotions that their ignorance is unbelievable This book starts with a double tragedy H and h s siblings who were married to each other They were involved in a car crash H s brother died instantly, h s pregnant sister is in deep coma at verge of death To save the baby girl doctors had to perform a csection to remove her from dying mother s womb H travels to London to let h who happens to be his former fiancee know about the accident From that point on they constantly have hots for each other It is really creepy to feel that horny all the time despite of terrible news Sex would have been the last thing on mind of a normal woman.
A good read The passion between Luca and Shannon is explosive but this is also a very sad book with a happy ending.
The tragedy that reunites them is well written and heartbreaking to read that you might need some tissues for your crying eyes Shannon and Luca had fallen in love years before until a lie leads Luca to believe his love was betrayed and his kicks Shannon out Neither have had any other relationships in the years apart so all that pent up passion explodes when they meet again, leaving them unable to control their emotions A very emotional and passionate read.
When A Tragic Family Accident Reunites Shannon Gilbraith With Luca Salvatore, She Isn T Prepared For The Searing Attraction That Still Flames Between ThemLuca Urges Shannon To Marry Him, But She Knows He Isn T Motivated By Love For The Sake Of Her Orphaned Baby Niece, Shannon Knows She Will Accept But What Does The Future Hold When Luca Believes Wrongly That She Once Betrayed Him I m a big proponent of honesty so secrets in romances aren t my favorite theme If the characters would just communicate, they d probably stay together and all the heartache and time apart could be avoided Why read the story if I don t like secrets Well, it was a secret to me that it was a secret themed book Although I should know by now that it s a favorite device employed by Michelle Reid Secrets can be effective in creating drama and angst, but I can never fully rally behind characters who need a good kick to their behinds for such foolishness Okay, off my soap box for now To be fair, Shannon had wanted to clear the air with Luca And did pay dearly for having to keep quiet and being the scapegoat Luca, for his part, was pretty tough on Shannon I understood his anger and pain, but at the same time he was unreasonable by not hearing her out Of course, there d be no story if he d been open to explanations Two years ago, Luca Salvatore ended his engagement to Shannon Gilbraith after catching her cheating on him They are reunited after his brother and her sister who have been married for six years die tragically, leaving a new born daughter behind.
Since this is a category romance, it is clear from the start that Shannon was not unfaithful to Luca two years ago, but was wrongfully accused It turns out that Luca came home unexpectedly one day to find Shannon cleaning up the bedroom, with the bed unmade, a pair of men s boxer shorts on the floor, and a packet of condoms on the table He came to the obvious conclusion unfortunately for Shannon, it was actually her sister who was guilty but Luca would not believe her This whole scenario was pretty tacky and unbelievable What kind of woman conducts an affair in her sister s home, and not only that but in her sister s bed Ever heard of hotels Anyway, I thought it was excusable for Luca to think what he did, but his pride caused him to completely cut Shannon out of his life without allowing her to tell her side of the story at all In fact, he admits to himself that he regretted the fact that they were only engaged and not married, because his pride would have allowed him to try and reconcile with her if they had already been married Not very admirable As for Shannon, it s understandable that after a while she gave up trying to convince Luca of her innocence He believes unequivocally that she was cheating on him and would not even entertain the possibility that her sister would cheat on his brother.
Anyway, after Luca and Shannon find themselves joint guardians of their baby niece, they agree to marry each other without actually resolving any of their past Shannon agrees to the marriage on the priviso that Luca doesn t bring up the past I found this pretty fatalistic Does not mentioning it make it all right Luca eventually discovers the truth that it was Shannon s sister who was guilty, and that his brother also knew about it and never told him Finally everything comes out, Luca and Shannon forgive each other and everyone is happy Everyone apart from me Shannon seems to think that Luca s willingness to marry her means that he has forgiven her if he has forgiven her for cheating on him, then he must love her That reasoning would be fine except for the fact that he is marrying her for the sake of their niece, and not because he loves her Luca s lack of trust in Shannon is never really addressed Luca s family is another loose end They all hate Shannon for being unfaithful to him Looks like Shannon just has to continue living with their condemnation Luca s brother and Shannon s sister were willing to let Luca believe Shannon cheated on him rather than tell him the truth since they are dead, this can t really be resolved, but I still found it hard to stomach.
Overall this wasn t a bad book, but I was left feeling dissatisfied I guess the whole conflict in the first place is so sordid and hard to stomach that I needed a complete resolution The guilty parties didn t really suffer Luca himself was forgiven far too easily Shannon just seemed to get short changed and I don t think she deserved that.
Awesome HP one of my very favorites Tons of angst and emotion I always like the idea that even when the hero believes something about the heroine that he can t forgive, he ll be there for her if she really needs him I love how protective he was and how he worried about her emotional state, even when he still believed she had betrayed him Great romance Ummthere are parts of this book I really despise, and there are parts that I truly enjoyed The fact thatMAJOR SPOILER AHEADboth her sister and his brother married now deceased BOTH knew that Shannon did not cheat but let TWO YEARS go by and oly their accident brought this couple back together totally pissed me off

One of my favorite books by Michelle Reid Mamma miait s surely better if you don t speak italian and you have never been in Florence if you want to read this The names she came up with are impossiblewhy not asking someone who knows this stuff before publishing the book Those few lines in italian are ALL WRONG The Florentine family won t have the last name Salvatore, that is the FIRST name for guys, mostly from the south The maid had name FANTASIA rolleyes Seriously LOL And the hero s sister name is Sophia It would be Sofia in italian, or maybe she changed her name after Sophia Loren And it goes onThe next book I ll read will be with the greek guy, at least I won t understand the errors and won t feel the need to rant Oh, and the big part of the book is about accidents, hospitals and funeralspeople die, lots of crying, too So even if Ms Reid is good with writing, this is a 3 stars for me.
The Salvatore marriage is the story of Shannon and Luca.
The plot begins when our h receives a life altering call, and is soon visited by her ex Luca, who comes bearing some bad news.
Her sister Keira and his brother Angelo, who were married and pregnant, have had an accident that has killed him and rendered her in coma leading their premature baby to be delivered in emergency Shannon then has a breakdown, and is protectively whisked away to Italy to meet her sister but soon realizes that the situation might be futile.
and that the feelings between her and Luca are far from being over.
Instead of the usual routes which these novels take where the two leads meet after their siblings death and fight for guardianship, this was a MUCH different take on the whole nephew niece custody marriage trope.
Here, we actually see the h and H dealing with their death the heartbreak, the pain, the numbness and helplessness going through the stages of grief and having breakdown The family, instead of being just a typical antagonist, is a part of this grieving process The child is not just a weapon of revenge, but instead a living being being loved by her relatives, who promise to cherish her forever.
Yes, there is past suspected cheating drama and shocking revelations, but in this different take to a classic trope, the hero superficially hated the heroine but in his heart had and will always love her, hence didn t sleep around during the 2 year separation The heroine,who was punished without trail, never became petty or complicit The chemistry was sizzling, the lust strong and the lovemaking and eventual surrender uber hot.
I really, really enjoyed their sweet HEA, and how obsessed these two were one another.
What a great, angsty read Keep your tissues in handy Safe4.
5 5