Trailer Û Amazing Agent Luna Volume 2 PDF by Õ Nunzio DeFilippis

Trailer Û Amazing Agent Luna Volume 2 PDF by Õ Nunzio DeFilippis Amazing Agent Luna Is The Story Of Luna, The Perfect Secret Agent A Girl Grown In A Lab From The Finest Genetic Material, She Has Been Trained Since Her Birth Fifteen Years Ago To Be The US Government S Ultimate Espionage Weapon But Now She Is Given An Assignment That Will Test Her Abilities To The Utmost High SchoolIn Order To Uncover An Evil Plot, The Government Sends Luna To A Prominent High School To Pose As A Student Luna S Training Has Left Her Completely Unprepared To Handle The Stresses And Strains Of Ordinary Teenage Relationships Making Friends, Creating Rivals, And Having Her First Big Crush On Bad Boy Jonah, The Son Of Her Arch Nemesis, Count Von Brucken Making Matters Worse, Luna S Father Is The Overly Warm And Fuzzy Dr Andy And Her Mother Is The Always Business Like, Unemotional Control These are really fun stories to read.
I enjoyed volume 1, and this one was even better the character development for Control shining brightest this story with her parents truly turns a character who could have stayed a flat, cold pancake into understandable and sympathetic character Her self control lol strength is amazing when it comes to her overbearing parents Also loved the bit with Francesca and her old friends Luna is adorable and Oliver is hilarious The Count is appropriately creepy and I absolutely love his character design.
The plot is moved forward pretty nicely here I m really enjoying this spy story slice of life type mash up My only complaint is that, at times, this was rather sexist it s a theme I ve definitely picked up on as I read and Shojo manga it s not terribly overwhelming here in amazing agent Luna But it s certainly noticeable It s there But the story and characters are so fun that it makes up for it Definitely liking this series If you enjoy shojo manga, my favorite is fruits basket then you should definitely give this series a try.
Luna is fabulous I really like her family The plot is thickening, which is fun On to book three 4 stars.
It s slower than the first volume, but still good Less action, but of getting to know all of the characters.
It s family week at Luna s high school, and she has to deal with some unexpected guests Jennifer s grandparents are visiting, and suddenly Luna has to act like a granddaughter If only Jennifer could be as accepting of them as she is.
The count also visits the school The pretext is checking up on his son, but it s obvious he is trying to meet one of the staff Can Luna find out who The focus in this volume is on Jennifer and her relationship with Luna and her parents It s surprisingly mature, with Jennifer s parents straitlaced but obviously caring about a daughter who estranged herself from them Luna has to deal with feelings for the Count s son, and a minor mystery about the next rogue teacher and his plans It s not particularly exciting, but it lays a lot of work for future volumes.
Hopefully volume 3 will be better This isn t bad, but some external action would be nice.
Amazing Agent Luna Vol 2 continues the story of our teen super spy as she struggles with her two aims in Operation High School These first of these two aims are to discern the goals and plots of the rogue nation Bruckenstan, whose dictator, Count Von Brucken, is using the prestigious private high school, Nobel High, to further some end that could hurt the US The other major purpose of her mission is to become acclimated to social situations better by experiencing high school.
The reason I am reviewing this when I don t always review every comic in a long running series is due to the importance of what happens in this volume Namely, the past of Agent Jennifer Kajiwara, also known as Control for Luna, comes into focus In this we see Control s true character, in how she handled her parents issues For instance, as the two volume series Amazing Agent Jennifer shows us, yes, she could have handled it better on her end, but really her parents are to blame They treated her despicably, and they even were unkind to her by hitting her with snide little barbs during a surprise visit arranged by Luna s principal.
I say that this highlights her character because she kept to herself the worst of her problems and history with her parents She showed them respect when they were there, and shows kindness and love for them and Luna That was awesome.
The overall plots weren t moved forward quite as much as I would have liked for them to be The emphasis was on the pasts of Control, but that was a necessary step If they are to move Andrew Collins and Jennifer closer together, they needed to explore their lives I also liked how professional and helpful Andrew was in this story.
In fact, though I didn t find this story as strong, and a little boring compared to the first volume, I still liked it because it moved the three main characters closer together Andrew Collins, Jennifer Kajiwara, and Luna are all coming together to form a true family unit It is touching and really, really neat to read.
Overall, this was a strong second volume to the series, and I m excited to be starting Vol 3.
pretty good I just got started and it s great It was good, read like 15 times awesome