✓ English Doctor, Italian Bride ¶ Download by ½ Carol Marinelli

✓ English Doctor, Italian Bride ¶ Download by ½ Carol Marinelli Six Years Ago, English Consultant Hugh Armstrong Was Welcomed Into The Azetti Family When He Was Far From Home, And He Unwittingly Stole The Heart Of Their Youngest Daughter, Bonny Their Passion Culminated In One Earth Shattering Kiss Hugh, Realizing That Seducing Their Daughter Was No Way To Repay The Family For Their Kindness, Quickly Retreated To EnglandNow Hugh Has Returned To Australia, And Not Only Is He The Heartthrob Of The Emergency Department, He Is Also Nurse Bonny S Boss She Seems Out Of Bounds Than Ever, But His Desire To Help Bonny Through Her Father S Illness Only Makes Their Bond And Passion Stronger Will Hugh Find The Courage To Step Out Of Line For The Beautiful Woman Who Has Captured His Heart, And Finally Make Her His, Once And For All

I bawled.
never had that happen with a Harlequin book before This is one of the Medical line of books.
Bonnie s family has crisis and Bonnie had the fortune to have a severe shoulder dislocation which forced a recovery period This gained her a time to get over her issues with Hugh a long time family friend and focus of her heart.
Hugh also struggles with the crisis in Bonnie s family, since they became his family of choice in many ways.
He and Bonnie had a parting of ways when she was nearly 18and because this is a Harlequin there is a happy ending.