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[River Jordan] ☆ The Messenger of Magnolia Street: A Novel [lesotho PDF] Read Online ¹ This book confused me It was ok Tge whole concept just kept me confused Certain characters were introduced who seemed to havd no point Back stories were told that seemed to be useless to the whole main story Things seemed to be very jumbled and then it was like the author was tryong to jam pieces together to make them fit when they couldnt How unusual From the moment i started reading I was captivated What a wonderful way to share how God watches over us and guides through the spiritual world.
Three friends since childhood return to their hometown of Sibboleth Something is wrong.
It s a fight between good and evil.
Just couldn t get into this novel too mystical for me.
Awesome Beautiful.

I finished this awhile back but it was very good Had me involved in the story right away I would recommend it.
I started reading this while working in the Library Book store and brought it home to finish, not because it was good, but because I was curious as to how this was going to finish It is a very Christian Allegory with God walking the streets, and an angel writing notes about what is happening The story centers on three childhood friends Nehemiah and Billy Trust and their friend Trice Trice seems to have second sight or premonitions Nehemiah leaves his home town of Shibboleth to go work in Washington DC After 12 years, Shibboleth begins to fade away Bobby and Trice bring Nehemiah back to help save the town Eventually there is a fight between good and evil sprits and all sorts of strange occurrences weird.
River Jordan crafts her words in this novel like a fine needle creating the wings of an angel In fact, it s told by one of God s angels in an with the finesse of a prophet The people of Shibboleth must restore life to the town before the good and the good people are consumed God walks with His narrator whistling as old friends, foes, new friends and heros work in a time capsule.
Is it just about the tiny town of Shibboleth Or is it actually about mankind Written in a style reminiscent of Harper Lee s To Kill a Mockingbird, this novel has a magical Southern charm It is than just a story It is an old fashioned telling the kind of telling that might be passed down from generation to generation by grandmas and grandpas, aunties and uncles never quite finding its way to pen and paper Luckily for us though, it did The prose flows from the pages with a lyrical grace Like a small stream might trickle down a pebbled creek bed in the Summer heat, the tale slowly meanders along only to pick up pace moments later like the creek might after a heavy rainfall The dialect and cadence of the written words practically beg to be read aloud The Messenger of Magnolia Street is a story of faith and hope, good versus evil, redemption and remembrance so poignant that it seems as if it truly was brought to us on the wings of angels My only regret is that it sat unread on my bookshelf for so long.
When I Look I See An Open Gate Where There Should Be None And What Longs To Enter Through It, Darkness And Devastation And I Can Feel That Evil Longing Emptying Out The Good Of Shibboleth, Pulling On It With Every Rancid Breath As It Stands Waiting For The Gate To Open Farther The Messenger Of Magnolia Street Tells The Haunting Story Of Three Childhood Friends Who Reunite To Fight The Unnamed Presence That Is Slowly Draining Their Beloved Town Of Goodness And Light Nehemiah Trust Fled His Hometown Of Shibboleth Twelve Years Ago, After The Death Of His Mother Now Chief Of Staff For A Powerful Senator, Nehemiah Has Washed His Hands Of Shibboleth But One Night His Older Brother Billy And Childhood Friend Trice Appear At His Front Door Something Is Wrong, They Tell Him Nehemiah Is Needed Back HomeThis Mesmerizing Novel Of Love Awakened, Purpose Abandoned, And Legacy Reclaimed Begins As Slow And Easy As A Southern Sunday, But As The Town Of Shibboleth Begins To Sense The Approaching Darkness, The Three Friends Must Race Against Time To Save The Lifeblood Of The Place They Call Home The Solution Requires A Willingness To Sacrifice Everything