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[ Read Online The Forbidden Bride (The Hot Zone, #6) Ù medieval-history PDF ] by Debra Cowan ↠´ An easy book Extremely cheesy in some parts, but a good overall story.
Back Cover Jilted Betrayed Hurt Detective Robin Daly would never forget what being left at the altar felt like Nor would she forget the part Nate Houston had played in it all One word from him had caused everything to crumble her wedding, her trust in menand the respect she d once had for him.
A string of arson murders brings fire marshal Nate Houston back to Presley, Oklahoma and back into Robin s life To end the crime spree, he and Robin must work together But to handle the desire between them, they must settle the past Detective Robin Daly never learned why she d been jilted but she did find someone to blame Arson Investigator Nate Houston, one of the groomsmen, had done something to talk her fianc out of going through with the wedding Five years later when they are forced to work together to find a serial arsonist murderer, she s determined not to let him upset her life again, but she finds that hard when she starts falling for the man The heroine seemed a bit wishy washy for me at times Too stubborn at one point while not stubborn enough the next Giving up on find out the truth from her ex after only one year but still hating Nate after five Then once the truth was revealed she went from hating Nate to seeing him as some kind of savior I didn t like that Made her seem really needy Fortunately by the end she somewhat redeemed herself As far as the mystery suspense aspect, the plot seemed to fall flat around the middle but the build up i.
, the different arson murders and connecting the dots to find the connection was decent The climactic scene was pretty suspenseful but disappointed when the heroine had to almost be rescued again instead of overcoming some of her shortcomings to play at least an equal part in the resolution Good read Wish I had read the other books in this series but they are not necessary to enjoy this one.
Dective Robin Daly was jilted at the altar five years ago She doesn t know why but she does know who to blame Nate Houston, the best man, talked her fiance out of marriage minutes before the ceremony Now they are forced to work together to find a deadly arsonist The clock is tickingWhy I picked this book up The first couple pages that the publisher offered online to read were great The conflict between the hero and heroine looked explosive and I couldn t wait to find out why Nate had ruined Robin s wedding.
Why I finished this book It was a short book and I am compulsive about finishing books.
Be Advised The middle and ending of the book don t live up to it s exciting beginning The reason was ho hum and could have been solved years ago with a simple conversation.

SRS 1602 3 stars We Have Some Unfinished Business Jilted Betrayed Hurt Detective Robin Daly Would Never Forget What Being Left At The Altar Felt Like Nor Would She Forget The Part Nate Houston Had Played In It All One Word From Him Had Caused Everything To Crumble Her Wedding, Her Trust In Menand The Respect She D Once Had For Him A String Of Arson Murders Brings Fire Marshal Nate Houston Back To Presley, Oklahoma And Back Into Robin S Life To End The Crime Spree, He And Robin Must Work Together But To Handle The Desire Between Them, They Must Settle The Past