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[ Read Online The White Horse Trick ↠´ words PDF ] by Kate Thompson × I listened to this one on audio book, and the narrator s soft Irish accent much enhanced the experience I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with JJ, Aisling, Jenny and Aengus and co Kate Thompson has built an extraordinarily clever picture of an unusual family, I think Quite apart from the audacious plot and that quite extraordinary ending which I liked a lot than some reviewers I found myself admiring the dexterous handling of a widely branching family tree in which it s perfectly possible for a granddaughter to be older than her grandfather and to be her own aunt I found all sorts of things to ponder how much, for example, did JJ s 25% fairy blood inform his personality As for the fairies they are quite close to the ploddies genetically, since they can interbreed and since they age when in the ploddy world What sets them apart, aside from magic, is a cast of mind which makes them both fascinated by human endeavour and emotion while being also detached from it.
I didn t like this one as much as the two preceding novels in the series It felt a little too preachy.
It Is The Latter Part Of The St Century, And Dramatic Climate Change Has Made Life In Ireland Almost Impossible Meanwhile, Tir Na N Og Is Faced With A Refugee Problem, And The King Of The Fairies Is Not Happy About It And When It Is Revealed That The Warlord Who Is Behind The Problem Is A Member Of The Liddy Family, JJ Is Sent To Sort Him OutFollowing On From The New Policeman And The Last Of The High Kings, The White Horse Trick Travels From The Now To Far Distant Futures From World S End To World S Beginning It was well written, but the massage of the book was its sole reason for existence I kept waiting for the story to start, but couldn t get into it with the Point hanging over my head In short, I wasted precious hours I could have spent reading something else.
Once I got into this book, I could hardly put it down Something about the pacing and the suspense mystery got me, and I really wanted to see it through It s sort of about a post global warming world, and things are not good at all, and so in this way it s like a lot of other recent current books.
It s the 3rd in a series, by this author, and I read the other two, and the post global warming and bleak and dire setting premise here is sort of weird, after the other two, though you could see it coming, really, I think.
In the end, though, I think this was not my favorite, of the three I barely remember the first The New Policeman, and really want to go back and re read it I think I might have read it the summer of Matt and Nika s wedding, maybe So, could it really be six years ago I read the 2nd in the series this fall, The Last of the High Kings Alden says it was his favorite, and I might agree, though, I need a recent read of the first one to really be able to say I remember really loving the first one.
This one gets a little extra fantastical for me, at the end, though I know that others like that genre take than me, so I am okay with it Just something about it sort of distanced me, though the overall story, as I said, was intriguing and good.
Reviewed by Kira M for TeensReadToo.
comIn the near future, the world has been destroyed by climate changes Life is almost impossible in Ireland The topsoil, for the most part, has been washed away by torrential rain.
Commander Aiden Liddy, last seen as a toddler in THE LAST OF THE HIGH KINGS, is now part of an elite governing army that has stockpiled the food and is in charge of distributing and controlling the population His general, Donal, has an alternate agenda that might destroy both worlds as they know it.
With T r na n g unchanged, the king of the fairies has had an influx of refugees and is not happy about it The only hope for the two worlds is something that lies within the fairy world.
Pup, one of the citizens under rule of the tyrannical Commander, is upset to one day find his brother missing Thinking that it s the commander who took him, he confronts him and gets volunteered to be part of a special force The force s job is to go into the fairy world and steal something that will save them all.
But how can Pup trust a man who may have kidnapped his brother Will Aiden and Pup find a way to save both worlds The White Horse Trick is a great fantasy adventure filled with a fast paced plot and complex characters Although the global warming issue seems a little heavy, the author does a great job of weaving together a magical story filled with cleverness and teamwork Readers who like fantasy, adventure, action, fairies, and apocalyptic type stories will enjoy reading this trilogy in order, beginning with THE NEW POLICEMAN.
Mu actual rating here is 4.
5, but goodreads doesn t allow for that.
I have read or listened to The New Policeman several times but have heard The Last of the High Kings just once The White Horse Trick is a fit conclusion to the series I won t go into the plot here, as that s easily available and besides Spoilers, sweetie Having read other reviews, some of them critical, I acknowledge they have a point JJ and Aisling do act rather oddly as parents, and although JJ being just 3 4 ploddy might have something to do with it, it doesn t explain Aisling unless the whole retirement plan thing means they don t see time the way we might I have been trying to work out why I love this series despite its oddities, and conclude that partly it s because of them, partly it s because Kate Thompson doesn t make things too easy, and partly mostly because I love the writing style and tone The closest I can come to matching it is by suggesting Pamela Dean s Tam Lin and the older reader books by Diana Wynne Jones All three authors are expert at making us accept less than heroic characters Thomas, Janet, Howl, Sophie, JJ, Aengus, Jenny none of them is wholly admirable, and yet they are SO real and even, in their ways, so lovable.

In the third book in the trilogy that started with The New Policeman J.
J Liddy s chldren are all grown up It s late in the 21st century and changing weather patterns have devastated Ireland and the rest of the world but the focus of the story remains exclusively on Ireland and specifically the area around Kinvara There are few animals, little food, no exports or contact with the outside world The Liddy boys, Aidan and Donal, are the local warlords, but for very different reasons Meanwhile, Aengus Og, just wants to nip over from the Land of Eternal Youth to pick up his favorite tobacco and finds than he bargained for This concluding adventure is much darker than the previous installments, with a somewhat predictable but still depressing ending A rather scathing commentary on human nature and the future of the planet.
Book Pairings This series would pair well with readers who enjoy Susan Cooper s The Dark is Rising series, C.
S Lewis Narnia series, and Philip Pullman s His Dark Materials series All deal with issues of good and evil, morality, and spirituality, providing food for thought as well as good stories.
Really a three and a half stars A good story, well written, with smart and funny bits that I would easily recommend A dystopian fantasy set in a post global warming Ireland, which is complete with a parallel reality fairyland The downside is the heavy handed message Greed is bad and led to global warming and environmental destruction Art is good and farming is pure Issues of how art would exist without other commerce and the creative aspects of science or mercantilism are not gone into I am not religious, but the Adam and Eve ending let me a bit squeemy I am no fan of the mythology of the fall, in which the pursuit of knowledge leads to a loss of grace I also don t like peddling a hybrid bacchante puritan ethos to kids Drink, smoke, fornicate, be poetic and musical and magic, just don t be greedy and keep track of time and sell a product someone would want to buy.
That said, it s a story, and quite a good one Kids will figure it out and skip the preachy parts It s a good read.
I was going to give this audio book three, almost four stars but the ending made me change my mind I can stand books that have quite a bit of evolution in them, but when they try to entwine that with creation, just no The concept was really cool I enjoyed the beginning and middle, they were quite page turning but not the end, the last few chapters just got worse and worse There are some quite funny bits, and interesting characters If you like lots of fantasy, faeries, time changing, apocalyptic adventures you may enjoy it But the global warming and then trying to make the new world sound like the Genesis story was just to much for me.