Ò The Silent State á Download by ñ Heather Brooke

Ò The Silent State á Download by ñ Heather Brooke After reading the book I can imagine the politicians so happy to have the upper hand on Murdoch s empire Heather Brooke gives a clear, detailed and concise information about how ignorant we all are to the behemoth power of the state A book recommended to all, though most of us are working for the state.
Revealing That The MPs Expenses Scandal Of Britain Is Merely The Tip Of The Iceberg, This Title Exposes The Shocking And Often Farcical Lack Of Transparency At Various Levels Of Government It Argues That Without Proper Access To The Information That Citizens Pay For, Britain Can Never Be A True Democracy A slightly annoying but definitely informative read by the journo who was key to the expenses scandal breaking In a wide ranging look at how info is withheld from us, from local councils up to the embroidered pomposities of Parliament, via law courts and police stats, she turns over a lot of stones Her fervour does work against her at times though, leading her to describe a council cutting back on its biased local rag as an island of sense , having only pages before quoted stats showing hundreds taking similar actions That may seem a reasonably small slip, but her descents into hyperbole don t help her hard won factual assertions her comparison of bureaucrats to Schindler s List Nazis being the most needless low point.
Whether you agree with her or not that it s always bad for the state to employ PR, her ad hoc estimation that the state has a 12 1 ratio of PR to FOI staff does give you pause for thought You can disagree with some of her lurid depictions of UK statism, but there s no doubt she s provided a massive service, along with others, by forcing detailed facts into the light of day although she does point out that almost all the info has ultimately come via leaks and whistle blowers, not official channels She does highlight positive actions by the increasingly independent statistics bureau etc, but the overall picture of undemocratic law changing via statutory instruments , spun stats, charges for public data, and wilful obfuscation of incompetence or fraud in the name of the national interest is pretty damning 3.
5 Absolutely great read The insight into cracking MPs expenses is fantastic.
This book should be required reading for every single member of the electorate or at least those inteligent enough to exercise the right to vote As a history student I was shocked and apalled to read this book the events it describes read like some sort of medieval description of government as oppose to a twenty first century democratic government.
Good Interesting read it.
An important book that we should all read.

This is one of those books which really makes you pause and question things.
The term democracy is bandied around almost without thinking, but soem basic omissions and problems are laid very bare here.
The tangle of bureaucracy and obstruction put in place beggars belief at times.
There are fascinating insights into the workings of local govenrment, the justice system and of course the recent MPs expenses scandal.
Very readable and very enlightening, but encouraging to see that some changes have already taken place.
as it is a few years old some of it may be a little outdated, however having said that it s still an interesting insight into how we are still being kept in the dark in a society where freedom of speech and information is only wording actual access to these is still so restricted it s untrue Most of this some people already know, if you have ever tried to get information from any government body or during the last labour government was on a waiting list then you will know how so many facts and figures are massaged and manipulated while waiting g for an operation I was put on a waiting list to go on the waiting list therefore it looked like I only waited 7 months when in fact I has waited 13 from seeing the doctor a good read overall and will.
open some people s eyes to the kind of country we live in.