↠´ The Diary of Jack the Ripper: The Discovery, the Investigation, the Authentication Ä Download by Ó Shirley Harrison

↠´ The Diary of Jack the Ripper: The Discovery, the Investigation, the Authentication Ä Download by Ó Shirley Harrison A remarkable read by Shirley Harrison No doubt in my mind this is the actual Diary of Jack the Ripper Great if you re into criminology, law enforcement, criminal justice, or if you just want to know who Jack the Ripper really was In this novel, not only will you read why they think James Maybrick is Jack the Ripper But also you actually get to read the actual pages from his diary that was found, and if you can t make out some of his writing like me, their is a transcript you can read from Absolutely fascinating And terrifying Now, dont think I am crazy by saying that I thought this diary was absolutley cruel, twisted, and amazing If this man truly was Jack the Ripper, which can be very convincing once you read it, then I give him props The way he talks about women and the things he does without remorse, and regret, just drives me insanley captivated by him.
After Than A Year Of Authentication Analysis, A Victorian Journal Found In England Is Determined To Be The Actual Diary Of The Notorious Serial Killer Known As Jack The Ripper This Detailed Recounting Of The Authentication Process Contains A Facsimile Of The Document Itself Forget that this book has been utterly debunked It s a captivating read for any serious Ripperologist, which I have been since age 10 Creepy, I know.
This is a very interesting possibility that the identity of Jack the Ripper may have been discovered It has many clues that do lead me to believe that the identity is in fact James Maybrick The book goes on to discuss that although the diary has not been proven to be 100% genuine, it has also not been proven to be a hoax or fake what a life James Florie Maybrick lead I do believe that his drug use of Arsenic killed him and not his wife as she was accused of I felt bad for her throughout the book She had to endure many mistreatings from her husband and then by society when she was tried and convicted of his murder She was not given a fair trial at all It seems like back in Victorian times, it was a deadfully sin for a woman to cheat on her husband I guess the same can be said about modern times Was James Maybrick Jack the Ripper We may never truly 100% know After reading this book I can say that I believe he was This book is a must read for Rippercologist spectators Even if you aren t a Rippercologist, this is a historical case that remains a true mystery Gostei do livro, fiquei surpresa pelas pesquisas feitas que foram muito bem elaboradas em sua maior parte E a maneira que ele te contextualiza na Era Vitoriana, para que at um leigo possa entender E apesar de ser em sua maior parte ser voltado para a pesquisa, a sua escrita n o ma ante no geral Entretanto, por vezes, ressaltado a publica o do livro e suas dificuldades de maneira excessiva, o que o torna penoso por estas vezes.
Once again I wish there were then 5 stars cause this book was amazing Without giving away too much I have to agree that the diary is real and the mystery of Jack the Ripper has been solved.
Interesting read about the finding of a diary that appears to be of James Maybrick, who may be Jack the Ripper Harrison goes into many details about trying to find the truth of whether the diary is authentic and how it came to be where it was found It also goes into details of Florie Maybrick s trial for the death of James, who appears to have been a long time addict Most of the time Harrison manages to do a decent job of presenting all sides, though it is clear she believes the book is the diary of Jack the Ripper She discusses the many questions still left to be answered The main problem I had was occasional assertions that either she didn t state evidence for, or her support was stated earlier but was not strong enough for me to remember The item that sticks out most in my mind is the assertion that one of James brothers was in love with Florie an assertion was made as if it was already established in the book, and I didn t recall hearing anything about it earlier Later there was a reference to missing letters from the brother to Florie but didn t explain why anyone believes the letters existed.

Is the diary a hoax or isn t it I don t know I do know that the author presents a damn good case for its validity However, the only supporting evidence is the diary itself Nonetheless it s still a good read that anyone interested in Ripper history shouldn t pass up.
Um livro muito bom que aborda as partes mais obscuras da mente de Jack, o estripador Contem fotos originais do di rio do mesmo e tamb m das Dudas v timas e a tradu o em que algumas podem ser um pouco chocantes.