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Trailer ✓ The Burning PDF by ✓ Jane Casey I have mixed feelings about this book It was not the psychological thriller I expected The pace is fairly slow and is of a whodunit, police procedural read That in itself wouldn t have been a disappointment, had it better captured my attention I did like Maeve and can easily see her character carrying a series I also liked the character of Rob, though I wish he d been developed His POV didn t enter the story until almost 3 4 through.
The serial killer is a very small part of the story and, for the most part, is not the case being worked When the killer is found, it s far too easy The other case didn t have enough twists to leave any doubt for me as to who the real killer was The revelation felt anticlimactic I enjoyed the writing style, though I don t think the plot lived up to its description or its potential.
5 starsI spent part of the time being annoyed on Maeve s behalf about the sexist and rude attitudes of her fellow police, and part of the time annoyed by her desperate need to one up her colleagues and suck up to her boss Even so, I liked her I like that she s got a bit of a temper that she cleverly uses the evidence to come to conclusions, but is still anxious that she might have got it wrong that she jumps in to help people when they re in danger, though perhaps she might have been better to throw a quick explanation to her partner that she cares about the truth and that this, plus curiosity, drives her to keep pushing that s she s not the top of the pile in the station, but is still prepared to work hard and out herself out there to achieve her goals and get involved I think Casey made a brilliant and effective choice in positioning her main character Maeve is someone who consistently has to manage the unequal power dynamics of a team in which merit can be subordinate to influence in determining action All of this suggests her personal growth and place within the team will be interesting to follow and, as this is number one in a series of six so far , makes me eager to find out what happens next.
The Burning is a gripping and intense crime thriller, often very disturbing but original and unlike anything else.

This is the first book in the DC Maeve Kerrigan series by Jane Casey Having previously read and enjoyed After the Fire which is the 6th book in the series, I decided to read the complete series and predictably started with the very first book The Burning I was interested to read other reviews from friends, some of which said they were a little disappointed in the novel, which I can understand to some extent Often the debut novel in a series is a little slower as characters are developed etc but having already read another book with the same characters I found it interesting to read of the background information DC Maeve Kerrigan is on the team working the case of a serial killer who is preying upon young women in South London, killing them and then burning their bodies Maeve is a complicated character and has her own issues which will add to the series interest and give her a lot depth as a character.
A decent start to this series and having read another book already in this series can recommend it to Crime readers.
Jane Casey s The Burning is the first in the Detective Constable Maeve Kerrigan Series It s a debut with potential It caught my interest in the first chapter as a young woman makes a bad choice in accepting a ride from a stranger after a night of too much partying with friends You can feel her terror as she realizes her mistake and her realization that her bad judgment may just be her last She believes she has hitched a ride withThe Burning Man , a serial killer of young women so named, well you can guess why Quickly a 5th victim shows up but there s speculation if this is the work of the same murderer After this fine start the story evened out for me but excellent reviews and the likeable character in Maeve, encouraged me to read on Good choice as the pace ratcheted up Maeve Kerrigan is a fine addition to a woman in a man s world She is smart, sensitive, and knows her limitations and is exploring her strengths In addition, point of view of the other players and a building psychological mind play round out Maeve s investigation into the murders I m looking forward to the next to see Maeve s growth No need to wait if so inclined as the series, set in London, have all been released in the US My sincere thanks to Minotaur St Martin s Press for providing an e galley of The Burning.
This is a new author for me and the first in the series This mystery follows Maeve Kerrigan, a young and determined police detective The case she s involved in centers on the murders by a serial killer come to be known as The Burning Man, a person who brutalizes and burns women When the fifth victim is found, Maeve throws up some interesting questions and gets deeply involved with the case, feeling that this latest victim is a copy cat murder This book kept my interest and I really liked Maeve It wasn t the best book that I read, certainly not the worse either but reading lots of reviews from others this series seems to get better and better so , I picked up the first in this series and I ll grab the second sometime in the future To be honest, when I picked this book up, I did think it was going to be a pretty run of the mill crime fic book about a serial killer but it turned out to be so much than that In fact, the serial killer The Burning Man is barely in the book at all Instead, the story focuses on the 5th victim of The Burning Man whom the police believe that may actually be a copycat crime and Detective Maeve Kerrigan is tasked with delving into victim Rebecca Haworth s life in the hope of uncovering the killer The story is narrated by both Maeve and also by Louise, Rebecca s best friend, who is used to give an insight into Rebecca s life While investigating, Maeve discovers that what seemed to be a very successful and idilyc existance on the outside was actually quite different for Rebecca in reality Maeve finds herself as far back as Rebecca s Oxford University days in trying to piece together what could have happened for her life to end up in a burning heap in a London park one winters night.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book far than I was expecting in fact, as it turned out to be of a psychological thriller than a straight forward serial killer crime read I found it fast paced and I cared about the characters If you are looking for a hard boiled thrills and blood spills book then you won t find it here The Burning Man is almost a side plot from what is really going on Fantastic read highly recommended Casey Is A True Craftswoman, A Writer Who Beguiles One Through The Most Twisted Of Plots With A Confident And Seductive Hand Alex Marwood , Bestselling Author Of Wicked Girls And The Killer Next Door Jane Casey Is One Of The Brightest Stars In The Modern Crime Firmament John Connolly I Love Maeve Kerrigan What A Terrific Series Jane Casey Has Created Sarah Hilary , Bestselling Of Author Someone Else S Skin Maeve Is Such A Hugely Warm Character With Just The Right Mix Of Vulnerable And Feisty Will Definitely Be Looking Out In The Series Tammy Cohen , Author Of When She Was Bad A Serial Killer Who Wants To Watch You Burn The Media Call Him The Burning Man, A Brutal Murderer Who Has Beaten Four Young Women To Death, Before Setting Their Bodies Ablaze In Secluded Areas Of London S Parks And Now The Fifth Victim Has Been FoundMaeve Kerrigan Is An Ambitious Detective Constable, Keen To Make Her Mark On The Murder Task Force Her Male Colleagues Believe Maeve S Empathy Makes Her Weak, But The She Learns About The Latest Victim, Rebecca Haworth, From Her Grieving Friends And Family, The Determined Maeve Becomes To Bring Her Murderer To JusticeBut How Do You Catch A Killer No One Has Seen And When So Much Of The Evidence They Leave Behind Has Gone Up In Smoke 3 1 2 I liked the novel way this was written, concentrating on the victim instead of the killer, also in alternating chapters with the police detective Maeve telling the investigative side and the victim s best friend telling us about the victim It was, however, rather predictable in that I guessed who had done it and pretty much why before the book was even half finished.
I find Maeve Kerrigan quite the enigma Usually I can classify principal characters as strong or weak Tana French s Cassie Maddox S J Bolton s Lacey Flint are strong, admirable very capable, whatever their personal problems The alcoholics who pervade Scottish Scandanavian crime novels seem pathetic and contemptible Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway is a little on the weak side Sophie Hannah s Simon Waterhouse Charlie Zailer are so weak they have to lean on each other to keep from collapsing in a heap Maeve excels in her determination to succeed on Godley s team she shows a lot of initiative her insecurities are understandable But Maeve s deference to her mother a provincial bigoted Irish boor befits a 16 year old, not a mature woman of 28 who has served on the police force for five years Maeve should make it clear that if her mother wants a relationship with her, Maeve expects her to respect and support her choice of careers It was also hard to believe that Maeve would live with such a poor excuse for a man as Ian, who seemed likely to be dating Pippa Middleton or accurately, would think he ought to be dating Pippa Middleton, who really seems to prefer men with character Even after reading all the Maeve Kerrigan series thus far, it is still hard for me to grasp the mystery of her character strong decisive sometimes and very weak and vacillating at others.
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