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Download Epub Format ✓ Taming the Demon PDF by Ö Doranna Durgin The emotional backstory, creative mythology, nonstop action and serious heat between the two main characters make Durgin s latest a fun, exciting read from start to finish RT Book Reviews, rated 4 1 2 stars Well, it was a close one I almost DNFed it.
Ok, I ve reada fewfantasy books where characters had sentient weapons The general theme is that the wielder comes to an accord with the weapon and fast or else People don t live long, and by not living long, I mean hours, if they don t reach some sort of understanding with said weapon.
So for a H to be in possession of such a weapon, and to try to marginalize it it s like the elephant in the room you might try to ignore it, but it s still there, and everyone else is questioning your intelligence like this reader, who decided quickly that the H, especially after watching his brother going slowly bats trying to ignore it, showed a disturbing level of TSTLness.
The h wasn t much better Instead of making the same mistake he was, she made all new ones She got involved with bad news in college, and instead of coming to her senses, she pretty much let him make all the decisions He, of course, was working for the bad guy who wanted the blade She split up with him after the incident involving the H s brother, and began trying to be respectable It never once occurred to her though to connect the dots until the dots were so obvious a blind man and a nearly crazed blade wielder could connect them.
There were highlights though occasionally banter that was somewhat amusing his noting internally that she didn t add doofus onto an explanation as an example , the mostly glossed over sex scenes where he apparently lost the ability to speak coherently.
But then there was also the point where she blackmailed him into meeting her boss the bad guy Would I read it again I m not that desperate, so no Will I continue the series There is, as yet, only one The author has a lot of irons in the fire, and some are far interesting than this one I personally wish she d work on them.
Their Passion Threatens Her Life And His Tortured Soul Devin James Wields A Demon Blade Or Does The Demon Blade Wield Him The Bond Between Man And Steel Is Soul Deep, The Source Of Devin S Power And An Ever Present Torment Struggling Against The Evil Forged Within The Blade, Devin Patrols The Dark Streets Of Albuquerque, Searching For Innocents To Rescue That S How He Finds Natalie ChambersNatalie Is Sure That Helping Devin Is Another In A Long Series Of Very Bad Decisions, But She Can T Abandon The Man Who Saved Her Life A Man Who Believes That The Demon Blade Might Turn Him Into A Monster And She Is Powerless To Resist Their Fierce AttractionLove Is Their Only Chance At Salvation Can They Now Find The Courage To Take That Chance And Can They Keep The Blade From The Man Who Would Destroy Them Both Not a very compelling read, nor romantic Devin has a demon blade This blade is like a sentient being It hungers for chaos, so Devin uses it in a productive way and helps people in trouble Natalie is in the wrong place at the wrong time Or is she Devin uses it to dispatch her would be assailants I liked that Natalie s background was questionable I liked that she was doing better She s got some attitude but not enough that she was a bitch unlikable I did think she should have caught on sooner then she did Both she and Devin work together nicely I also liked the end.
5 stars Drawn to hunt evil in the alleys of Albuquerque, Devin, comes to the rescue of personal assistant Natalie when she ends up in the wrong place at the right time When Devin is gravely wounded in saving Natalie, Natalie overrides her instincts to keep him from bleeding out, unknowingly giving the supernatural blade that Devin carries a chance to heal him But it isn t random fate that has pulled the pair together and those forces have a nefarious reason for making sure that they remain in close proximityTaming the Demon had a very different feel from Durgin s previous Demon Blade story, Demon Touch, but I really liked this second book I can t put my finger on exactly what made the story so compelling for me because both characters were so contained I liked both Natalie, who, is extremely conscientious of choices having turned her life around from a past where she had fallen into decisions that took her down a bad path, and Devin, who is struggling to avoid falling to the fate that cost his brother his life And I liked how Natalie is able to offer Devin a coping mechanism to keep him connected to himself even as the sentient Demon Blade attempts to subsume him.
Most of all though, I liked the pull between the two even though it is just a subtle appreciation at times Natalie falling for the semi insane guy because of Devin s self depreciating sense of humor And because we have to wait for it , their physical connection when it comes is satisfyingly steamy As to the background plot, with a bad guy who has been manipulating Natalie s choices for his own purposes, there was a very surprising resolution that had me wishing for an epilog short to see how Natalie s life is changed by what occurs.
So I liked Taming the Demon and I am curious to see what Durgin does with the next Demon Blade story, Claimed by the Demon, out later this year.
I just did not like this book, it was all that I could do to finish it I did not connect with the characters, the plot of the story was a good one, it just did not seem like it came together in a cohesive well written story It felt really disjointed and trying to make all the ideas fit, somehow someway into the story.

An enchanted blade, a cursed man, and the love that can redeem them both It s a theme I ve long wished to see explored Durgin does a fabulous job drawing the reader in with well drawn characters, and keeping things moving with tight plotting and singing tension This book was fabulous, and I m looking forward to the next.
I liked this book a lot It did take a while for me to read but it was mainly because I have been busy with school I like how all the characters mix very well together, n the element of surprise n the twist into the plot I would love to read the next book to see how it turns out from the first.
Albuquerque, New Mexico strip mall alley his small house home sanctuary with postage stamp front yard Compton Southwest style estate, including her house, and their offices Enrique s gym Devin James a Demon Blade has possession of him and he is doing his best to control it the Blade feeds on death and fear, and Devin hunts evil doers giving them a chance to turn themselves in to protect the innocent, though he is in fear of when the adrenaline of the Blade will overtake him as it did his brother he killed his brother to prevent the deaths of innocents Natalie being one of them , and then the Blade chose him Natalie Chambers in college, she got involved with the wrong crowd mostly via her fianc Ajay , drinking, drugs, breaking in to houses, etc until one night when it resulted in deaths and she remade herself, and now is the personal, professional, don t cross the line assistant to businessman Mr Compton.
Sawyer Compton a businessman, who had 2 demon blades minors and wants the last one major he has been manipulating the James brothers for years, and hired Natalie because she had some connection to them ended up to be non existent just friends of friends but he uses her all the same to draw out Devin Leo James Devin s younger brother, who first had the Blade, and via manipulations of Compton via Ajay, he succumbed to the power of the blade Enrique runs the local gym reaches out to the youth, with tough love and mentored the James brothers he knows about the Blade, and offers what support he can stitching up wounds, counsel, etc Ajay Dudek Natalie s exfiance, and employee of Compton willing to do what asked, with expectation of getting one of the Blades The structure of the story is about the Demon Blade, and keeping sane and doing right and tracking the evil plot that is manipulating them But it s also a story of discovery, of changing perspectives, of growing, of falling in love and in the final fight, Devin becomes one with his Blade, defeating Compton, but keeping himself and one of the minor Blades chooses Natalie not sure what happened to the 3rd blade next book