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Download Epub Format à Night Music PDF by à Jojo Moyes What I really like about Jojo Moyes books are that they are all so different, she certainly does not write to a formula, each book is very unique Night Music is a story about The Spanish House recently inherited by newly widowed Isabel and her two children The last place they want to be is in an almost derelict house in a close knit country village Isabel is a successful violinist who doesn t get her hands dirty, her daughter Kitty is a sensible 15 year old who misses her friends and son Thierry has not spoken since his father was killed in a road accident a year ago.
The family have to get to grips with country living, with having no money, no water, no bathroom and no fridge They also have to cope with Matt McCarthy the local builder who was convinced that The Spanish House would be left to him and his wife Laura This is a great story of loss, bereavement and obsession It has quite sinister undertones in places and the character of Matt is especially well created starting out as the local friendly builder and gradually getting darker andthreatening as the story evolves.
Another triumph from one of my favourite authors.
3,5 Todo lo que escribe JOJO te hace disfrutar, sin ninguna duda No podemos hacer caso a la sinopsis, porque es un despiste total, y eso me ten a confundida al principio, de hecho pensaba a ver c mo arreglas esto Es una artista a la hora de crear personajes y hacerlos cre bles, me declaro fan de los Primos Sin embargo, el tema de la obra de la casa se me ha hecho un poquito pesado, adem s de qu no me ha gustado cierto asunto que hace vivan varios de los personajes principales no dir nada por no desvelar cosas , pero que cuatro de los personajes principales vivan esa situaci n me ha chocado porque en alguno de ellos no lo ve a necesario.
Violinisten Isabel Delancey Har Altid Taget Sit Priviligerede Liv For Givet Men Da Hendes Mand D R I En Bilulykke Og Efterlader Hende Med En K Mpeg Ld, Har Hun Ikke Andet Valg End At S Lge Deres Dejlige Hus I London Og Flytte Ud I En Faldef Rdig R Nne P Landet Med Sine To B RnHer Bruger Isabel Det Sidste Af Sin Opsparing P At Forhindre Huset I At Falde Sammen Om Rerne P Dem Og Tager Taknemligt Imod Hj Lp Fra Naboen Matt McCarthy Men Hvad Isabel Ikke Ved, Er, At Matt Har Sine Egne Skumle Hensigter Godt Gemt Bag Den Flinke FacadeMens Isabel Sl S For At G Re Huset Til Et Hjem For Sig Selv Og Sine B Rn, K Mper St Rkere Kr Fter For At Modarbejde Hende Og Isabel M Mobilisere En Styrke, Hun Ikke Anede, Hun Havde Og L Re Sit Hjerte At Spille En Ny Melodi This was my first Jojo Moyes book, and I intentionally started with an older one, and not the much lauded ME BEFORE YOU I have often found books with a lot of hype surrounding them to be a bit disappointing when I get around to reading them, as was also the case with THE HUSBAND S SECRET by Liane Moriarty But when I went back to read her older books, I gobbled them up So, that is the strategy I will employ here, too, I think.
That said, I really did enjoy Night Music I wasn t sure what to expect, typical, predictable chick lit, or something withdepth, and I got the latter The story revolves around the lives of a number of characters, which I always enjoy I like there to bethan one POV, and feel it often helps to round out the story and flesh out the figures.
The story in itself isn t radically new, a widow and her family move into a dilapidated house she inherited from a distant relation What makes this book special is the thoughtful manner of Moyes characterizations and the believability of the situation There is romance, yes nothing wrong with that , but nothing gratuitous or ridiculous But what this story is really about is personal development and growth of the characters I love it when the author shapes the story around characters, rather than making it seem as though the characters are merely bi product of a plot outline, so this was perfect for me.
I look forward to readingfrom this author Findreviews and bookish fun at I have read several of Jojo Moyes novels and have enjoyed them this one, though, just didnt do it for me We have a widowed musician and her children Two men who each like her one is wealthy, sleeps around and doesnt care about his family, the other is the strong silent type who obviously has a past His name is Byron Firth No surprise as to who we are supposed to be going for Moyes even creates a scene where our boy Firth emerges from swimming in a lake with his muscular torso gleaming and his hair slicked back sending our widow s heart racing Oh puhlease Yes we all loved Colin Firth doing his Darcy bit but be original for goodness sake Moyes does a good job with the supporting cast as usual and if you like your romance slushy and predictable then this is for you but not for me I absolutely devoured this book from the outset I just loved it, as I do with all Jo Jo Moyes s books.
Initially, my heart totally broke for the delightful Isabel but watching her blossom and heal was just wonderful I could visualise the ramshackle old house that she subsequently inherits at a totally desperate time of her life and, just when it seems nothing can possibly get worse, it does.
Her neighbours, Laura and Matt, do nothing in the slightest to make her feel welcome to the village on the contrary Matt is out for revenge and Laura is lost in her ever crumbling world Byron was a fantastic character and his vast knowledge of how to live off the land was crucial to Isabel initially I also liked Nicholas Trent who was gradually putting his life back together and was a lovely,charming man I didn t have any idea what the ending would be and was racing along to finish it so I could actually sleep tonight being up until the wee small hours this morning and only putting my kindle down when I couldn t keep my eyes open any longer.
The only negative I can say is that I now have to wait until Jo Jo s next book Wonderful book, as always, and highly recommended.
Hermosa, sencilla y con un final perfecto Diferente a otras novelas de Jojo.
I don t think that I will ever come across a Jojo Moyes book that I don t enjoy There is just something so great about her writing.
This novel follows the lives of the people in the little village where The Spanish House is located It s an old and derelict house, in need of a lot of repairs, but it is in a wonderful location by the lake Matt and Laura have been coveting the house for years, and when the owner dies, they are hopeful that it will be left to them, but instead it goes into his intestate estate and is passed on to some distant relative, Isabel, leaving them bitterIsabel is newly widowed, and suffering financial difficulties All Isabel ever wanted to do was devote her life to her music, but now with her husband gone, she has to try to provide for her children When she finds out that she has inherited a house in the country, it seems like a great new start for her and her two children But when they arrive, they realise that the house is muchthan they bargained for, and the amount of work it needs is enormous Matt offers to help Isabel to renovate, Isabel being unaware of his desire to own the house, and soon Isabel s problems begin to multiply The book follows the families as they struggle with their ideas of love and marriage, revenge, family life, and what it takes to make a house a home.
I don t know what it is, but even though none of the characters were particularly great people, even though I found Isabel and Laura annoying bad life choices and thought Matt was a complete psychopath, the story was still great, it still kept me interested.
A great easy read, full of family drama.

SpoilersThis might have been enjoyable if the main characters hadn t been so thoroughly unlikeable, they were either thick self pitying doormats or weird entitled maniacs Thankfully the setting at The Spanish House and some of the secondary characters saved it from being a complete trainwreck Isabelle was an infuriating character, I couldn t root for her or feel sorry for her even though she was grieving for her dead husband and her life had turned upside down She was completely useless, she couldn t handle doing the most basic things without either screwing it up or whinging about it She had zero common sense, it was remarkable how a woman of her age with two kids could willingly know so little about finances and parenting and the world in general She was so lazy and stupid she didn t even getthan one quote for the work that needed doing on her house, she simply took dodgy Matt s word about prices and what needed doing, despite not knowing him or even finding out about his reputation as a builder before taking him on What kind of idiot wouldn t at least call other builders for a quote She said her husband sorted out things like that but that was still no excuse, any adult with a half a brain would know they needed to at least get a second opinion and quote before shelling out tens of thousands of pounds on important building work, evenso when the money being used was the only money the family had There were so manyinstances where Isabelle showed how lazy, dumb and useless she was The worst thing about Isabelle was the fact she chose to get married and have kids when she knew she couldn t ever love and support them how they needed She was too in love with her violin and music to love anyone else, she knew that yet still decided to go ahead and be a wife and mother, it made her thoroughly unlikeable and selfish Matt was as irritating as Isabel, he was an entitled, deluded, self obsessed, boring loser who never got any comeuppance for all the crap he pulled The only satisfying ending would have been him suffering, which he didn t, instead he got a clean slate and his obedient wife at his beck and call Laura was a complete twit staying with him when she knew he didn t love her or respect her, and was happily shagging half the village She had a chance of a normal relationship and some happiness, but she threw it away so she could spend the rest of her life being Matt s doormat, it was such a depressing ending Hated how Asad and Henry were written, it was quite annoying how the author wrote them as gossips, physically weak, mother hens and so stereotypically gay I m hoping the next Jojo Moyes book I pick up will be better than this one.
Al principio me sent un poco perdida, porque no lograba relacionar la sinopsis con lo que estaba leyendo Pero cuando comprend de qu se trataba todo fui incapaz de soltar el libro Una historia preciosa, que sorprende por sus giros, con una MARAVILLOSA construcci n de personajes Isabel, mi favorita y con un final original e inesperado Un placer leer a Jojo Moyes.