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4 Having Finally Found A Way Home, Hajime And His Party Head To The Final Labyrinth The Frost Caverns There, In That Frigid Land, The Party Seeks Out The Last Ancient Magic They Ll Need To Go Back To Earth Upon Entering The Caverns, A Maze Of Ice And An Ever Present Sinister Whispering Chips Away At Their Concentration As They Proceed Through It, The Party Is Split Up Separated From The Others, Shizuku Is Forced To Fight A Copy Of Herself Will She Be Able To Overcome This Trial And Surpass Her Limits Amazing Really enjoying this series It is always feels like I m a part of the story Cant wait fort the next one Loved it This was a great addition to the series I loved learningabout the characters and their struggles I can t wait for the next book

Great characters developments The forst Caverns Saga book of Arifumeta combine splendidly character development and labyrinth exploration with a great theme Exploring the feelings, weaknesses and mental conflicts of characters is not easy, but the author did a wonderful job The action scenes are superb with fight scenes narrated in a wonderful way The trials and inner turmoils of the characters are combined nicely in yhe narrative with humorous touchs that doesn t break or detract from the narrative A great book and entertain reading that won t dissapoint fans of this serie.
Arifureta to the bone.
A great continuation, though it feels short when you read the whole thing in one day That said, there are a few translation errors, like Dragon instead of Dagon when describing Myu and a few sentences that don t flow too well at the start of the book Chapter 1 But that s not an author error, so I ll let it slide.
Can we have part 2 now, please