Ð Yuletide Defender á Download by ã Sandra Robbins

Ð Yuletide Defender á Download by ã Sandra Robbins Intrepid is there any other kind reporter Rachel Long is writing about the recent gang murders when she s given a tip from an anonymous source a vigilante is stalking the city and taking out gang members Matt Franklin, a detective, wants her out of harm s way but Rachel feels a need to cover the story no matter what the cost This book feels like a retread of other mysteries I ve read the characters aren t that interesting I guessed the vigilante before the end.
Is A Vigilante Responsible For The Murders Of Lake City Gang Members According To Reporter Rachel Long S Anonymous Source, Yes The Goal Is To Trigger A Gang War And Her Investigations Lead Rachel To The Heart Of The Battlegrounds Which Is Where She Finds Handsome Officer Matthew Franklin The Protective Cop Wants Her Out Of Harm S Way But She Needs The Raise From A Big Story To Secure Care For Her Special Needs Sister Rachel Won T Walk Away, Even Though The Vigilante Is Now Aiming At A Determined Reporter And A Tailing Cop For A Showdown Just In Time For Christmas Rachel Long s desire to get a better job just may get her killed When she starts writing stories about the truth behind the reason gang members are being killed, someone is out to shut her up permanently Detective, Matthew Franklin tries to warn her that she s in danger, but she refuses to believe she cannot take care of herself So when danger finds her, Matt has to step in and be her hero.
As the two work together, they feel the romantic tension building between them But Rachel has a responsibility to take over the care of her disabled sister, and for that she needs a lot money Matt, however, is tired of women who are after his money Money is evil, and he wants nothing to do with it.
I really liked the community center volunteer in this book He doesn t pity Matt, but points out the truth to him I really liked both of these characters and the tension they shared The final blow up was great as well as the aftermath.
As for the killerwell, I figured out the who and why early in the book, but still enjoyed the suspense of wondering if I had it right Great book Rachel was a real life hero.
It s the holiday season in Lake City and someone is killing gang members Reporter Rachel Long and Detective Matt Franklin work together to solve the murders, as their attraction to each other grows they each must over come old hurts left over from previous relationships Very good inspirational mystery.

Love this book Then again, you can t go wrong because it s a Love Inspired There could have been a little proofreading, but it s a great story When your life s in danger, and you don t know who s out to get you, who can you trust Have you ever felt like you were suspicious of everybody and didn t feel safe trusting anybody While reading Yuletide Defender, there were a few times I was spooked Right before the bad guy was revealed, I was thinking, Nah, it can t be Why him You just have to read this one Lots of suspense and some romance, a good mix.
Rachel Long is a reporter on her way to the top, at least that is her dream She lives frugally and saves lots of money, knowing that someday she will be responsible for her younger sister who has Down s Syndrome Rachel has her life planned out, and a man, nor love is involved anywhere in that plan After being deserted by her father as a child, and then having her first boyfriend leave her too, all because they couldn t deal with Cara Matthew Franklin, was a young detective who was the only child of wealthy parents and was a bit gun shy when it came to women He had been chased many times for his money and was determined he only wanted to be loved for who he was, and not how much money he had Finding themselves thrown together when a vigilante is trying to stir up a gang war in their city, Rachel and Matthew often find themselves in emminent danger A fast paced story, set during the Christmas season, you will not want to miss this great story from Sandra Robbins A wonderful story 218 pages 5.
50 US 4 stars.
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