é Thief Î Download by é Malorie Blackman

é Thief Î Download by é Malorie Blackman I LOVES THIS BOOK SO MUCH, IT IS BRILLANT The book it about a girl who just moved to a new town and begins a new school she gets pressured to steal a trophy to be a part of a group she gets framed and ends up running away and goes to the future, where she sees her brother as the master of a town and is horrible to everyone, because of what happened to his sister i recommend this book to everyone.
It was so good to finally complete this book I remember reading it as a kid but I never finished it for some reason It was definitely an enjoyable read You Re The New Girl In School You Re Just Trying To Fit In And It S Not Working Then Someone Accuses You Of Theft, And You Think Things Can T Get Any Worse Until You Get Caught In A Freak StormThe Next Thing You Know, You Re In The Future Being Shot At For Being Out After Curfew You Don T Even Recognise Your Hometown And You Re Heading For A Confrontation From Your Worst NightmareWhat If You Could Change The Past To Save The Future This book was quite short and a very easy read The storyline was a little bit weird and although it was really straightforward I just found it a bit strange I would say this book is suited for a younger person, yr 6 maybe I really liked a couple if this authors books but the rest I haven t really been a fan of Overall I wouldn t recommend.
12 year old Lydia Henson and family have just moved from London to the Yorkshire town of Tarwich, and Lydia is finding it hard to fit into her new school In order to join the gang of popular girls, Lydia is dared to steal the school sport s cup, but is disturbed by the caretaker However, the cup goes missing and turns up in Lydia s locker Then she is accused of causing a serious accident Lydia runs away and is caught in a storm She is mysteriously transported to a dystopian future version of Tarwich, ruled by a tyrant and enforced by guards who shoot stun guns on sight Teaming up with Fran and Mike, whose parents seen oddly familiar, Lydia must confront the tyrant, who also looks familiar, and get back to her own time to put things right A great book to read as a class novel for upper KS2 to discuss fitting in, peer pressure and bullying, to explore Science Fiction time travel genre with upper KS2 and also to have on class bookshelves for confident readers of Y5 and 6.
A young girl called Lydia moves to a new town with her family, has to attend a new school and make new friends she wishes to make friends with a group of girls, however in order for her to join she needs to steal the school cup Lydia is hesitant at doing this but when the headmaster finds out the cup has been stolen, they do a check in pupils lockers and find the cup in Lydia s locker She denies taking the cup but no one will believe her except her little brother She has a rough couple of days in school and decides to run away.
on her journey she falls over to find herself in the future Here she meets her future self and her future brother who own a town They work together and make life very difficult for the residents that live there when young Lydia finds out what her future self and brother have done, she decides to return to her time and change the future.
Once back in her time Lydia successfully manages to get everyone to believe that she didn t steal the cup, rather someone planted it there This was an interesting read, and kept me wanting to find out it would be a great book for upper Ks2 and can be read independently or as a class book Given the pressure that Lydia was under to take the cup it could be used to teach children the importance of peer pressure and not to give in As the book referred to the future, it could be used to get children to do a piece of writing about the future.
I chose this book as a step out of my comfort zone I rarely read any sci fi related books but I was pleasantly suprised Thief centres around a character named Lydia who is labelled as a Thief by a bully at her school Lydia tries to escape the bullying and retreats to the moors near her home Whilst walking through the moors Lydia is transported to the future and is met with a much changed, cruel world ruled by a familiar tyrant I don t want to give anything away, so I ll stop there Malorie Blackman makes this a thrilling and shocking read which is utterly gripping Her portrayal of the stress that Lydia experiences is so well observed and, as such, would be brilliant to read alongside learning how to effectively write about emotional energy Further, despite being a fast paced sci fi read, this story still retains important links to the themes of bullying, innocence and the destructiveness of hatred.
Lydia a new girl at school has been accused of stealing from the school In reality she is a victim of bullying but only her brother really believes she didn t steal The bullying gets to a point where Lydia decides she needs to get awayonly to collapse and wake up in a completely new world Lydia soon realsises she is in the future and it is up to her to put things right This is an exciting book which allows the reader to imagine the future and the advance in technology This book did have me hooked at certain points though at times i felt it was a tad too descriptive.
However,I think this is a great book for children from year 5 6 to get hooked into as it allows them to extend their imagination and think about other realms worlds This book also addresses issues of bullying which some children may be able to relate to.
This is a great book for independent reading.

It s sad that I forgot this book existed until Tinie Tempah and his rap skillz reminded me of the wonderful Malorie Blackman because I remember absolutely loving it when I read it in primary school think it was about Year Five.
It was so long ago that I read it and I can t remember the details to write a full review I was about ten, give me a break but I remember the world that Blackman created terrified the crap out of me I hope one day I ll go back and read it along with Noughts Crosses.
Her books are so intelligent and even though they are written for readers who are on the Young side of Young Adults , they are still rich with well thought out characters and don t shy away from gritty and uncomfortable subject matters I remember the controversy that Pig Heart Boy caused when it was adapted for the BBC I feel like I have to say something here, no offense Suzanne Collins, you know I love you but Malorie Blackman is the reigning queen of dystopian fiction and she will be for a long long time.
This book was quite an easy read and I didn t enjoy it as much as the author s other books, I would recommend it for a year 6 student I felt the storyline was very good and much different to Malorie Blackman s other books It s got an action and futuristic storyline involving changing the future and taking action which is something I wouldn t usually go for, but it was delivered quite well.